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Can collectibles be a force for good?

Collecting seems to be a particularly popular pastime among children. In an ongoing poll carried out by Babycentre.com, 8 out of 10 of parents said that their child collects things, with the majority (4 in 10)  preferring things from nature like conkers, shells and pebbles.     A further quarter of parents said their child enjoys…
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Top 4 Skills Children can Gain from Building Dens

  This Friday, June 16th 2017,  is officially Save the Children’s Den Day, which encourages children to help build a better world around them. You can sponsor your child to build a den – out of branches in the woods, or with chairs and bed sheets at home – to support Save the Children’s initiative…
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Are Virtual Play Mats better than Soft Play Mats?

Virtual Play Mats Imaginative play is something all parents encourage their children to enjoy and play mats are a common feature in many homes. Whilst they have many benefits, there are some drawbacks to the traditional mat that unrolls across the floor. At Fundamentally Children, we were intrigued by the concept of a virtual play…
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Why We Love To Build Dens! (And Why Kids Will Too!)

Here at Fundamentally HQ we love to build dens, and they have provided many memorable moments for us! In times gone by, den building was a common activity. Children would spend many hours outside, getting muddy and working with their friends or siblings to create an imaginative and secret place. In recent years children quite often miss…
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