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An overview of students’ preferred learning styles and if they work

  The debate on teaching according to students’ preferred learning styles Learning styles refer to the different ways that students may prefer to learn. But is the concept of teaching being more successful when tailored to a student’s preferred learning style a myth?   Firstly, what is the learning styles approach? For teachers, there are…
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Learning To Read With The Joy Of Reading App

We are delighted to see Seven Academy launch the British English update to their Joy of Reading app this week. This is a wonderful app to help children learn the basics of reading. The Good App Guide recently reviewed this app and awarded it our prestigious Recommended status. The lack of British English was our…
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World Book Day logo

World Book Day

At Fundamentally Children we are passionate about books and their importance in child development. One of the most important things a parent can do with a child is read to them for 20 minutes every day. This helps to develop a wide variety of skills including: Language skills, from helping young children learn to talk and read, through…
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