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How to end screen-time battles with a Balanced Play Diet

Edited by Dr Amanda Gummer Many parents complain to us that it’s a real battle to get children interested in anything other than their tablets or mobile phones and we know how hard it can be at times, but screen time does have its place in a balanced play diet – it’s more about what you do…
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Family Road Trip Selfie

Should children play on apps while in the car?

Car journeys can be challenging with children; boredom soon sets in and the whinges and choruses of ‘are we nearly there yet’ begin.  There are lots of ways to keep children entertained while on the move – but can technology and apps play a role in this? According to research from Disney UK , more…
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Fundamentally Children's guide to stocking fillers

Stocking Fillers for Children

Do you place your Christmas stockings at the foot of the bed ready to be opened before the sun has had chance to rise, all snuggled up, on the biggest bed in the house? Or do you hang them by the fire in a row, ready to open together over a warming breakfast? Family traditions…
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GTG Play Day At John Lewis

This Saturday, the Good Toy Guide team will be working with the John Lewis toy experts to share their unique insight into children’s play, toys and development throughout the day. They’ll be helping customers choose Christmas presents for their children that aren’t five minute wonders and will also be able to give advice on which…
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