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Fun and Creative Easter Activities to Try Out!

Talking about the Easter celebration provides a great opportunity to explore different religions and traditions with your child, helping to raise their awareness of and empathy towards others.  It also lets them know that Easter isn’t just about chocolate eggs!    Hopefully, the spring sunshine will make an appearance so you can get outside and…
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Alternative Advent Calendars for Christmas 2015 by Fundamentally Children

Alternative Advent Calendars

Children just can’t wait for that magical day to arrive, and advent calendars are becoming increasingly innovative! Whilst many advent calendars give a small chocolate or treat each day, if you want to avoid the sugar and give your child a more unique calendar, here are some lovely play-based ideas to inspire you and provide children with a…
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The Benefits of Art for Children

Children show their first signs of ‘art’ at around 18 months old, when they start to make scribbles and explore different materials. At around the age of 3, these drawings will begin to represent concepts, such as a circle and two lines to show a person. As children develop (both physically and cognitively) their pictures…
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Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothering Sunday is a day where young and old alike spend time and effort showing appreciation to mums. Children of all ages love to get involved and planning a surprise with them for their mum, step-mother, grandma or another mother figure in their life can be great fun. Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day…
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