Tech Toys

High tech toys are on the increase and whilst traditional toys will always have a place, it’s good to embrace innovative technology in play as part of a healthy balanced play diet. Child Psychologist, Dr Amanda Gummer and her team at The Good Toy Guide present their top tips on how to encourage educational play time through techy toys.

“There’s an increasing demand for electronic toys and technology can be used to expand play and learning in a way that hasn’t been possible with tech toys before. Not all high tech toys are solitary or screen-based, which are the criticisms that have always been levelled at tech in play, and with the increase in the number of children using tablets, family-friendly ones such as the Kurio provide parents with an option that saves their own tablet and reassures parents that their children are safe online” Says Dr Gummer.

So what is Dr Gummer’s solution?

“The interactivity that electronic toys can provide is beneficial for children in lots of ways and can reinforce learning and promote positive development. As with everything, it’s all about getting the balance between technology and non tech based toys and games!”

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