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Christmas Toys for 0-1 Year Olds

What to Buy for a Baby or Toddler this Christmas?

Although babies and toddlers won't always be able to tell you what they want, or indeed even understand the festivities, it can still be tricky to know what to buy them for Christmas. Our Baby & Toddler Gift Guide will help with buying choices based on price band you're looking to allocate for someone who is near and dear to you. 

Babies particularly enjoy products that stimulate their senses, e.g. those with lights and sounds, or brightly coloured and textured elements. Toddlers can be a little easier, as they will start to show interests, such as favourite characters from books or TV shows, or favourite colours, or their preferred way to play, with role play becoming a popular pastime around this age, so watch them while they play to find out what will best fit their needs and wants.


What to Buy for Preschoolers this Christmas?

By the time they are communicating and playing more independently, children are likely to have a much clearer idea of what they want and are likely to be quite happy to tell you about them! They will have favourite brands and characters, preferred things to do and will have a very clear personality by this point. Their skills will also have developed to a point where they are able to use and enjoy more complex toys such as puzzles and simple craft sets.

Their fine motor skills mean they will be able to handle smaller toys such as small world playsets. And gross motor skills mean they will likely be exploring the great outdoors a little more and getting much more active.

What to Buy for Young Children this Christmas?

As children get older, they will begin to enjoy more challenging activities such as puzzles and arts & crafts. Board and card games are really popular and a great way to encourage families to communicate. Toys that help children to learn about different subjects can also be a fun addition at this age.

What to Buy for Older Children and Tweens this Christmas?

At this age children will love toys that have impressive results, and may be growing out of toys that they now deem uncool. Tech toys including robots or connected toys, are popular and children of this age will still enjoy board games. Big ticket items that can be shared with friends will be particularly popular at this age.

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