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“If you never did you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” (Dr. Seuss) 


We believe that play is a wonderful way to break down barriers; because anyone can play.

A child in a wheelchair can get involved in arts and crafts, the whole family can join in with a good board game, and a child who can't afford lots of toys can have fun at the playground.

Play can be a great leveller and for children who find certain aspects of daily life challenging, being able to play with friends promotes confidence, builds social skills and empowers children.

And this is where Fun4All comes in as our campaign is a drive to make play accessible for all children, especially those with additional needs and focus on what a child can do, rather than what they can't.

It's all part of our bigger vision to help create a world where children are able to fulfil their potential and develop - during a safe, happy and playful childhood - the skills they need to thrive throughout their lives.


To shout about toys and games that help children overcome difficulties

They don’t need to be specially designed therapeutic toys, but they help children develop skills to empower them and overcome challenges they face.  Whether it’s role play helping shy children gain confidence or play-doh or plasticine strengthening hand muscles after an injury, many toys can be used therapeutically.


Recognise that all children are individuals and have their own strengths and challenges

We are keen to move away from the idea of trying to ‘fix’ children.  Instead, we want to give them the opportunity to develop naturally, at their own pace and be able to fulfil their potential.


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Let us know where and when you’ve experienced barriers to play and how you overcame them, you can do this by emailing us at or sending a direct message to one of our social media accounts listed above.

We'd also love for you to be able to spread the word with your friends and family by sharing your favourite ways to make 2018 Fun4All, so please do remember to use our campaign hashtag (#Fun4All) to spread awareness far and wide!


Theodora's Children's Charity

"At the Theodora Children’s Charity, we believe that all children deserve laughter."

"Our mission is to improve the well-being of children in hospitals, hospices and specialist care centres.

We do this by providing visits from specially trained performers called Giggle Doctors, who bring laughter to sick and disabled children when they need it most. A hospital stay means children miss out on opportunities for play and social interaction. The clinical and serious nature can cause a great deal of anxiety and bewilderment. The Giggle Doctor programme improves children’s experience of hospital and reduces stress and anxiety.

Our 25 Giggle Doctors visit over 33,000 children a year at 25 hospitals, 3 hospices and two specialist care centres. We are really pleased to be partnering with Fundamentally Children on the #Fun4All campaign to raise awareness of the power of play and how important it is for children. Our Giggle Doctors ensure that play, and all the benefits that come from it, are accessible to all children regardless of how unwell they are."

Find out more at


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