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Children’s exposure to TV ads for age-restricted products is falling

  A new study from the Advertising Standards Authority has revealed that between 2013 and 2017 children’s exposure to TV ads has declined by 29.7%, falling from 229.3 ads per week to 161.2.       Furthermore, the study also revealed that along with children’s exposure to TV ads on the decline, certain types of content is…
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Can collectibles be a force for good?

Collecting seems to be a particularly popular pastime among children. In an ongoing poll carried out by, 8 out of 10 of parents said that their child collects things, with the majority (4 in 10)  preferring things from nature like conkers, shells and pebbles.     A further quarter of parents said their child enjoys…
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How to handle your child’s fears

Editor: Anna Taylor   I am a teacher, and the other day I watched a wonderful assembly that was the starting point for a unit of work on ‘Conquering Fear Stories.’  The teacher started off by asking the children and teachers to share their fears: the dark, spiders, snakes, flying, rats, heights, confined spaces –…
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