Digital Storytelling allows children to become immersed and creative

Seven children’s play ideas using your smartphone

(Pssst….you don’t even need to download an app for these!)   You can’t escape from it, even if you want to; technology is a part of our everyday lives, a part that we now find it hard to live without.  2018 iPad Pro Advert But children and tech can be a controversial issue – parents try…
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May 29, 2018

What is it like to be a foster carer?

  As part of our #Fun4All campaign, this article aims to spread awareness of the current Foster Care Fortnight, an annual campaign to raise the profile of fostering and show how foster care can transform lives! The 2018 campaign runs from May 14 to May 27 As foster carers, we provide respite care only, which…
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May 15, 2018 Tags:

How Reading can teach empathy to children

Develop your Child’s Literacy Skills with these Play Ideas

Eleven play ideas to practise literacy skills Phonics   Go on an alphabet hunt A bit like I-spy – ask your child to find objects beginning with certain sounds.  This is a great game for playing when you are out and about! You could go to the woods and ‘collect’ as many words as you…
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May 10, 2018

Why is taking care of your own mental health important for your child?

If you are a parent concerned about your mental health – for example, feeling low all the time, constantly tired, or anxious – I promise you, you are not alone. Research has shown that more than half the men and women facing mental health problems are parents. And at least one in 10 women and the…
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May 7, 2018