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Christmas is a time when families get together; it’s a time when parents (and wider families) have time to engage with the children so why not make it a time to have a laugh together with some fun family games.


Playing games has many benefits:

  • Lets you all relax, enjoy being a family and create happy memories.
  • Allows everyone a chance to laugh together leaving you all feeling closer as a family unit.
  • Increases communication; it’s easier to talk when there are no other distractions such as mobile phones or the television.
  • Improves listening skills.
  • Develops teamwork skills and teaches about healthy competition.
  • Depending on the game, other skills will also be developed (such as language or numeracy).



Here is our pick of family games that are perfect for that post-Christmas dinner slump- they will have you bonding, laughing and building memories together! 




The post-it note game

It’s a classic silly game where players have the name of a person (or animal) stuck to their forehead; they have to ask questions in order to work out who is on their post-it note.


Fizz Buzz

This is a great game for incorporating a little maths practice into your festivities! The aim is to be the player to say 100, but there is a twist.  Instead of 3, or multiples of 3, say ‘fizz’; for 5 or multiples of, say ‘buzz’. For multiples of 3 and 5, it’s ‘fizz buzz’.  This could be made simpler/harder, depending on the age of children, by changing the multiples. 


The Gargling Game

If you watched I’m A Celebrity this year, you may have seen the humming challenge where the contestants had to hum a song with a critter in their mouths.  Well, here is a less scary version – gargling a song with some water is guaranteed to elicit lots of giggles! 


The Cardboard Box Game

All you need is an empty cereal box for this game.  Open the box, and let players take it, in turn, to bend over and grab it between their teeth. You can only have your feet on the floor and you can only touch the box with your mouth.  After each round, you cut a piece of the box making it shorter – this is definitely a game for the limber!


The Chocolate Game

This is the original Pie Face! Fill a pudding bowl with flour and compress it – then turn it out onto a plate. Put some chocolate on top of the flour. Players take it in turns to cut a slice from the mound, without disturbing the chocolate. The player who makes the flour collapse has to pick up the chocolate from the plate in their mouth (and gets a very floury face!)



If you are a fan of Celebrity Juice, you may have seen this hilarious game on there.  Players have to say a word without showing their teeth – the other players have to try and guess what the word is.  You can give a theme (food, famous people, toys…), or you could make some cards for players to pick. 


Bobbing Apples

This isn’t a game solely for Halloween – children (and adults) will love trying to catch an apple in their mouths and get soaking wet while attempting!


Duck, Duck, Goose

If you feel the need to burn off a few calories (maybe you have eaten one too many mince pies) and you have a bit of space, Duck, Duck, Goose could be your game.  Players start by sitting in a circle. One person goes around the outside, tapping people on the head, slowly saying ‘duck, duck, duck’, and finally ‘goose’. The goose jumps up and has to race the tapper around the circle back to the goose’s seat. If the tapper loses, the goose takes over.



We hope that you have fun playing some of these games over the festive period. 


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