Christmas crafts ideas with items from around the house

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Christmas is a great opportunity to spend time with your children. Getting creative not only gives you this time, it also allows children to learn new art skills, build their confidence, create personal gifts for family and friends and decorate the house! 

Most of these activities can be adapted to suit your child’s ability – for younger children you can complete some of the earlier steps ready for them; you can encourage older ones to experiment with different techniques and designs they have learned in school or used for other crafts.

Pinecone Garland 

DIY Gold leafed Pine Cones from the Sweet Occassion

(From the Sweetest Occasion)

This gorgeous garland is simple and costs very little to make.

First of all, you need to get outside and go on a pinecone hunt – a fun family activity in itself! While hunting down pinecones you’re sure to find lots of other interesting bits and pieces (you could collect leaves and twigs for a collage as well), encouraging children’s curiosity and promoting an interest in nature.

Once you have the pinecones, your children can help you to dip them in glue and then glitter – let your children express their creative side and explore with different colours of glitter.  Older children can then help to screw in the hooks and thread the pinecones onto the string (which is excellent for practising hand-eye coordination, and patience!).

No-sew snowmen

Make Sock Snowmen from Ciao Mama

(From Ciao Mama)

These cute little characters make a lovely table decoration and are a great use for those odd socks that are lurking in the bottom of the drawer (check they’re clean first!). 

This activity is good for older children as it requires them to follow instructions; it is also good for developing scissor control and knot tying skills.  Younger children can still get involved though, as they can pour the rice into the sock, dress the snowman and give him a face. Afterwards, they’ll love chatting and playing with their own little snowman!

Car in jar Snow Globes

Car in by Mason Jar Snow Globe

(By Mason Jar Crafts Love)

Start saving those old glass jars, because with a little creativity they can be turned into a mini winter wonderland!

This activity is super simple and really effective – no liquid required. Children will love searching for little toys that they can pop in the jar to create their winter scene – it’s a good activity for developing creativity and letting their imagination run wild. If you don’t happen to have fake snow lying around, hole-punched paper dots will work just as well (and also keeps the children busy for just a little while longer…)


Reindeer finger-puppets

Reindeer Finger Puppets by Artsy Momma

(From Artsy Momma)

This is another simple craft activity and, once you have a reindeer or two made, a festive puppet show is just around the corner.

You’ll need some card and wooden pegs, plus googly eyes. You may want to pre-cut the shapes for younger children, but sticking the features on is great for developing their hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Encourage older children to create a puppet show (this is great for storytelling and building confidence).

Handprint Wreath

Christmas handprint Wreath by Terrell Family Fun

(From Terrell Family Fun)

A great creative activity that the whole family can get involved with – even the baby.

Younger children love drawing around their hands and it’s a simple way to achieve an outline. Cutting the shapes out is good for developing hand and finger strength and coordination. Once all of the hands are ready they can be decorated, which is the perfect opportunity for everyone to express their personal artistic flair.

Dolly peg snowmen

Dolly Peg Snowmen from NetMums

(From NetMums)

These adorable little pegs just require a dolly peg, some paint, and string/pipe cleaners/ribbon for the scarf.

The pegs will need to be painted white and left to dry – you can do this in advance, or use it to teach children patience! Adding features with paint or felt tips helps encourage hand-eye coordination. Add them to the peg reindeer for more characters for their Christmas show.

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