Tried and tested Christmas gifts for preschoolers

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Schleich Wildlife Collection Recommended by Good Toy Guide


 Schleich Wildlife Collection

(RRP: £2.99)

  • High quality soft plastic animal figures
  • Great for make-believe play and can be used in water and sand

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Build a Beetle recommended by Good toy Guide


Build a Beetle

(RRP: £4.99)

  • A simple luck-based board game
  • Helps pre-schoolers learn to take turns and experience friendly competition

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Town and About Book Series Endorsed by Fundamentally children


 Town and About books

(RRP: £7.99)

  • Board books filled with lots of interesting facts to learn
  • Exciting themes and interactive lift-the flaps inspire a love of books

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DoddleBrush Set

(RRP: £8.99)

  • Fill one of the four DoddleBags with paint or glue, then attach the screw-on brush to get creative
  • Includes four anti-choke caps for easy storage of leftover liquids

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Playfoam shape and learn alphabet set recommended by good toy guide


Playfoam Shape & Learn Alphabet Set

(RRP: £12.95)

  • Mouldable, colourful foam with letter cards to copy
  • A fun and hands-on way for pre-schoolers to learn letter shapes

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My First Purse recommended By Good Toy Guide


My First Purse

(RRP: £19.99)

  • A toy phone, car keys, lipstick and credit card all included in a grown-up looking handbag
  • The realistic props are great for make-believe play

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Peppa Pig Jump and Squeak Pogo Recommended by Good Toy gUIDE


Peppa Pig  Jump & Squeak Pogo

(RRP: £19.99)

  • Soft foam indoor or outdoor pogo that squeaks on every hop
  • A new way for pre-schoolers to exercise and strengthen their muscles

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Mental Blox Jr Recommended by Good Toy Guide


Mental Blox Jr

(RRP: £21.60)

  • A 3-D puzzle set with eight puzzle pieces and 28 different challenges to complete
  • Challenges children’s thinking skills and concentration

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Dr Pooch approved by good Toy Guide


Dr Pooch

(RRP: £29.99)

  • A cuddly toy designed to teach children to dress themselves
  • Includes belts, buttons, laces, and zips to practise with
  • Helps pre-schoolers gain independence

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Giant Piano Mat

(RRP: £29.99)

  • A cuddly toy designed to teach children to dress themselves
  • Includes belts, buttons, laces, and zips to practise with
  • Helps pre-schoolers gain independence

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The Reward Box endorsed by Fundamentally Children


The Reward Box 

(RRP: £35.00)

  • Beautifully crafted wooden box with bag of reward star tokens
  • Available as a Fairy House or Pirate Chest
  • Motivates and reinforces good behaviour

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Le Toy Van Shopping Trolley Recommended by the Good Toy Guide


Le Toy Van Shopping Trolley

(RRP: £59.95)

  • A high quality, attractive wooden trolley
  • Includes shopping bag and chalk board for grocery lists
  • Great for make-believe play
  • Encourages children to think and talk about shopping routines

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Strider 12

(RRP: from £66.00)

    • A lightweight and durable ride-on, ergonomically designed for little ones
    • Easy no-tools saddle adjustment to grow with the child
    • An excellent way for children to build their confidence in riding a bike, without worrying about the pedals
    • Gets children exercising and increases their independence

    *Please note: We have tested the sports version of the Strider 12

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Amazon Fire HD Kids Tablet 6

(RRP: £99.99)

  • Includes a two year worry-free guarantee and tough child-proof case
  • A year’s free access to thousands of popular children’s apps, videos and books
  • Excellent parental controls to keep children safe and limit screen time
  • Provides access to lots of great educational content

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Myweeteepee Teepee

(RRP: £134.99)

  • A beautiful high quality canvas tent
  • Available in a variety of colours and patterns
  • Gives children a private space to play, read and spend time with friends
  • Large enough to use for many years to come

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