Tried and tested Christmas gifts for nine years and above

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Rhino Hero recommended by Good Toy Guide



Rhino Hero

(RRP: £7.99)

  • A challenging 3-D card stacking game
  • Fun for adults as well as children, making this a great family game

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Skinny Sketcher Capture the Castle Drawing Kit recommended by the Good Toy Guide


Skinny Sketcher Drawing Kits

(RRP: £8.00)

  • A self contained kit with everything needed to produce freehand drawings, available in six themes
  • Boosts children’s confidence in their drawing skills

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Sussed Wonderlands recommended by the good toy guide


Sussed Wonderlands

(RRP: £9.95)

  • The hilarious conversational card game with a fantasy twist
  • Encourages players to get to know each other through conversation

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IQ Quizzler Pro recommended by Good Toy Guide


IQ Puzzler Pro

(RRP: £9.99)

  • A travel-sized puzzle game with 2-D and 3-D challenges
  • 120 puzzles let children test their thinking skills again and again

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Wordstacker recommended by Good Toy Guide



(RRP: £14.99)

  • Stack, stretch, and mix up words to score points and win in this educational game that puts fun first
  • The strategy element helps less confident spellers use their tactics to out-play more linguistically able opponents

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Graffiti Sneaker 3D Puzzle recommended by the Good Toy Guide


3D Graffiti Sneaker Puzzle

(RRP: £14.99)

  • Unique plastic pieces slot together to build this sturdy and strong model, no glue required!
  • Can be assembled by eye or children can follow the numbers on the back to build their confidence

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Jungle Speed recommended by Good Toy Guide


Jungle Speed

(RRP: £14.99)

  • A fast-paced group game with travel bag
  • Fun for children and adults, so great for the family to play together and learn about friends competition

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Can do kid journal endorsed by Fundamentally Children


The Can Do Journal for Superheroes

(RRP: £17.99)

  • A journal filled with thoughtful tasks and techniques to encourage a positive mindset
  • Puts children in control while building their confidence, self-worth and resilience

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Ticket to Ride Europe recommended by the good toy guide


Ticket to Ride Europe

(RRP: £37.99)

  • A strategic board game that takes players on a train adventure through Europe
  • Doesn’t require prior knowledge but can introduce children to European Geography
  • Appeal to adults as well as older children, so a great game for families to play together

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Hot Wires recommended by Good Toy Guide


Hot Wires

(RRP: £49.99)

  • A snap together electronic building set with over 100 experiments to try
  • Lets children build a working flying disc, burglar alarm, FM radio and more
  • Encourages a real interest in Science and Technology while teaching children about electricity

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Hue Animation Studio

(RRP: £49.95)

  • Includes an HD camera and video editing software
  • Gives children a new way to be creative and encourages storytelling
  • Can inspire an interest in technology and filmmaking

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Beasts of Balance recommended by the Good Toy Guide

 Beasts of Balance

(RRP: £69.00)

  • Connects a plinth to a tablet device for a combination of digital and physical play
  • As players build a tower of pieces on the plinth, their digital world changes
  • Challenges children’s thinking skills and dexterity
  • Can be played alone or with friends and family

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 Lightseekers Awakening Smart Figures

(RRP: £74.99)

  • Action figures that work as standalone toys or interact with the Lightseekers app
  • Trading cards and weapons are available to unlock more in-game bonuses and abilities
  • Extends play beyond the screen, encouraging more active and social play
  • The variety of games challenge children's reaction and coordination skills  

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(RRP: £89.00)

  • Transforms the physical space in front of an iPad into a digital game board
  • Includes three exciting games: Tangram, Newton, and Words
  • Captures children’s interest with a combination of physical and digital play
  • Encourages thinking skills including problem solving and strategy

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Strider 20 Sport Balance Bike Recommended by Good Toy Guide


Strider Sport 20 Balance Bike

(RRP: £200.00)

    • A large sturdy bike with no pedals for easier riding
    • Modern and stylish design appeals to older children
    • An accessible way for children to learn to ride a bike
    • Builds confidence and encourages exercise

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Genius Octagonal2 Trampoline 

(RRP: £299.99)

  • Trampoline with octagonal shape so children aren’t directed to the centre as they bounce
  • Bounce-back enclosure, zip-free entrance and enclosed springs for added safety
  • Encourages exercise
  • Lets children safely test their physical abilities and build their confidence

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