Tried and tested Christmas gifts for babies and toddlers

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 First Baby Days Book - Funny Faces

(RRP: £5.99)

  • A sturdy board book filled with high contrast images to strengthen baby’s developing vision
  • A lovely quiet activity for parents and little ones to do together 

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BubabloonApproved by good Toy Guide



(RRP: £8.00)

  • Colourful fabric cover that transforms a normal balloon into a durable ball and reduces the risk of choking injury
  • Encourages exercise indoors and outdoors, as a lightweight alternative to footballs

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Baby Finger Paints from Carioca endorsed by Fundamentally Children



 Carioca Baby Finger Paints

(RRP: £9.99)

  • A set of six colourful paint pots for children to experiment with
  • Strengthens hand and finger muscles

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Lil Ocean Explorers Push n Glow recommended by Good Toy Guide


Lil Ocean Explorers Push 'N' Glow Fish

(RRP: £9.99)

  • A light-up push-along fish with easy grip handle
  • Encourages little ones to practise crawling and moving

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TELETUBBIES WATER FILLED PLAY MAT recommended by good toy Guide


Muddy Puddle Water Filled Playmats

(RRP: £12.99)

  • A mess-free paddling pool filled with floating Peppa Pig characters to explore
  • Fantastic for tummy time distraction or for some indoor jumping fun

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Giraffe Buzzybody Recommended by Good Toy Guide


Giraffe Buzzybody

(RRP: £12.99)

  • A soft stretch toy that ties onto buggies or cots, and vibrates when pulled
  • A mixture of soft, shiny, crinkly, holographic, and corduroy fabrics for sensory stimulation

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Musical Rings Recommended by the Good Toy Guide


Musical Rings

(RRP: £14.99)

  • A set of four chunky, vibrantly coloured rings that each create a different sound
  • The perfect size for little hands to hold, strengthening arm and hand muscles

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Aquadoodle Super Colour Deluxe

(RRP: £18.99)

  • A magic reusable mat that turns water into bright, colourful drawings
  • Mess-free play that encourages little ones to experiment making marks with pens and stamps

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Foam Cone Factory

(RRP: £21.99)

  • Sticks to the side of the bath to create an instant ice-cream parlour, complete with cones and sprinkle shaker
  • Distracts children during bath time (especially when it comes to hair washing!) and builds water confidence
  • Encourages make-believe play as children make and share foamy ice-creams 

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Cosimo Concerto Recommended by Good Toy Guide


Cosimo Concerto

(RRP: £27.99)

  • A soft plush toy that doubles as a piano, in bright visually stimulating colours
  • Easy-play coloured keys play different notes when pressed - an early introduction to playing music
  • Has a variety of textures for little fingers to explore, developing hand and finger strength

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Sleep tight all night recommended by the Good Toy Guide


Sleep Tight All Night Bear

(RRP: £29.99)

  • A cuddly sleeping aid companion with soft glowing light
  • Light indicator lets toddlers know when it’s time to get up in the morning
  • Encourages children to soothe themselves throughout the night

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Gazillion-Bubbles-Whirlwind Recommended by Good toy Guide


Gazillion Bubbles Whirlwind

(RRP: £30.00)

  • Bubble machine that blows out thousands of bubbles a minute
  • Fascinating for babies and toddlers to watch
  • Chasing after the bubbles is an exciting way for toddlers to exercise

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Varis Stacking Blocks Recommended by good Toy Guide


Varis Stacking Blocks

(RRP: £39.90)

  • Colourful wooden blocks with insets and pegs for connecting together
  • Compatible with other Varis stacking blocks for more building opportunities
  • Building the towers helps improve toddlers’ strength and coordination

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T1 Scooter Recommended by Good toy Guide


SmarTrike T1 Scooter

(RRP: £69.99)

  • Converts from a ride-on to a freestyle scooter
  • Robust scooter with strong grip even on wet or uneven surfaces
  • Ride-on encourages exercise
  • A great first step towards learning to scoot

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Little Tikes 3 in 1 Adventure Course

(RRP: £79.99)

  • Activities for sitting, crawling and walking babies
  • Course can be rearranged to keep it interesting for little ones
  • Lots of stimulating activities for curious little minds
  • Encourages crawling, standing and grasping to support physical development

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Forest Acorn Growable Swing with Quadpod

(RRP: £179.98)

  • Frame and seat can be adjusted to suit six months to five years old
  • Easily changed to suit different ages and build confidence
  • Encourages exercise
  • Great for getting siblings and friends to play together

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Nomi Highchair Endorsed By Fundamentally Children


nomi Highchair

(RRP: £199.98)

  • Innovative design provides seating from birth to childhood
  • Easy to adjust and lightweight
  • Lets babies be a part of family mealtimes
  • Promotes active sitting

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