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If you’re like me and love the idea of doing all these perfect ‘pintresty’ crafts but hate the actuality of it then look no further! I have a four year old daughter who is very much a crafty person – I have no idea where she gets it from because neither me or her dad are crafty in the slightest but she loves it, and there’s no better time for crafting than Christmas! Over the years I’ve learn the tricks of the trade for producing simple but effective crafts that will have your children feeling like the next Picasso!



So without further ado..

Reindeer food is one that has been a bit of tradition for our family since Lily’s first Christmas. A lady at playgroup told me about it if I remember correctly. If you want to wow your child by pretending you have food for rudolf then simply mix dry porridge oats in a jar with glitter and sprinkles and whatever else takes your fancy. Lily leaves this out along with her mince pie and carrot every single Christmas eve – she loves it!

Next up are the worlds easiest decorations. It’s all pretty self explanatory. All you need is some coloured card of your choice. Chop into whatever shape you may like (Christmas tree is probably easiest although FYI you can get some impressive Christmas stencils from the pound shop!) and let your child paint/colour it in. Use a hole punch and some string to hang it on the tree and there you have the perfect home made decoration.


christmas-themed-arts-and-crafts-2 christmas-themed-arts-and-crafts-5


Another one my daughter loves doing is ‘glitterfying’ (her words not mine!) pre existing baubles. I’d recommend buying some cheap ones for this although pine cones work too. All you need to do is sprinkle glitter into a tray, paint the bottom of your bauble with glue and subsequently dip the bottom half into the glitter. Or if you’re my child coat the entire thing with glue and then proceed to tip a whole tube of glitter on it.

Either works.

Edible decorations are always a good one too. If you’re a decent cook then fantastic but if you’re not then you can cheat like me and buy pre existing cookies to decorate from the shop. There are plenty of decorate your own kits out there and they don’t break the bank. I found a decorate your own gingerbread tree kit from the local supermarket for just £2 and me and Lily had great fun doing it (and then eating them!)

Hopefully this has helped if you’ve been stuck for easy crafts to do with your little ones this December! Happy Christmas!


Written by Abigail Bryonny, of Lilypad and Bow, who is also a Fundamentally Children Blogger Ambassador. You can find out more about her on our blogger ambassadors page and read more of her posts on her blog.



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