Making Homemade Gifts for Christmas

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Christmas has become a time of shopping in our culture. The High Street starts to get festive as early as September now and it’s impossible to avoid the lure to buy, buy, buy sometimes. It’s lovely to be able to give and receive lots of new things during the Christmas period and there are some fabulous products hitting the shelves every year, which are a great way for time-poor parents to gear up for the big day.

If you start planning early enough though, it’s great to get the children involved with making some of the gifts to be given at Christmas too. It’s a great activity to help children to understand concepts such as giving, kindness, etc and also to learn new skills and allow time for creative play. And they will be really proud of what they have created, whether it’s created from scratch, or they’ve added their own personal touch to an existing product.

Recipients are likely to really appreciate the effort involved in homemade gifts and cards and many will keep the gifts for years to come as keepsakes as your children grow up.

We’ve put together some ideas below to help you get started. We’d love to see any creations your children make over on social media if you get a chance too.

 Christmas Toy Giveaway - Hama Set

Christmas Time by Hama

Recommended by Good Toy Guide

Age: 6 -7 Years

RRP: £15.99


This set helps improves fine motor skills, creativity and logical thinking while children are working on their beaded gifts. The set features 24 designs, including  Christmas trees, Santa, reindeers and much more. Children simply place the coloured beads onto the pegboard to create the desired design and then an adult irons the design to set it.






Christmas Cards 

A classic way to personalise any Christmas gift that children give. They can use their arts and crafts skills to create beautiful festive cards for the whole family.

19 Christmas Cards Ideas for kids





Hand Decorated Festive Candles


Red Ted Art has the fabulously simple idea of buying plain pillar candles and getting your little ones to design a festive scene with permanent markers, such as Sharpies. Perhaps they will choose to draw Santa or a Christmas tree, or write a personalised message on there if their handwriting is up to it.





Homemade Sweets


There are lots of recipes that you could use for this, with varying degrees of difficulty. There are great marshmallow ideas here. Or why not try to make some fudge with one of the recipes here. Or perhaps a good old traditional gingerbread man is more your thing. Ideas here for those and you can always get little children involved with decorating these. You could package up the finished items in jars or with festive ribbons.

Homemade Marshmallows 

Homemade Fudge Recipes

Homemade Gingerbread Men




Mini Clay Bowls


If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you could try making your own clay and then crafting some bowls as gifts for people to keep jewellery, keys or knick-knacks in. The recipe for this is here.

How to make your own Clay Bowls




Christmas Ornaments


The creative limits here are endless. This can range from bottle cap snowman ornaments to lollipop stick ornaments and will no doubt have pride of place in the festive decorations for years to come. Find loads of ideas over here.

Christmas Ornaments you can make with the kids!

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