Creating a Sensory Christmas

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Sensory play is fantastic for young children, it provides them with the development of crucial skills, such as language & logical thinking, while also offering a fun and engaging activity.

We’ve put together a short guide to creating that perfect sensory Christmas, including an array of toys featured in the Good Toy Guide which make for great presents, along with  a selection of homemade gifts that children can get involved with making. Making gifts at home adds a special, more personalised touch and family members are likely to appreciate the effort it has taken and they can hold onto these gifts as treasured keepsakes.

Making gifts at home will also give your child a real sense of accomplishment for what they’ve created. It’s a great booster for their own development, and the process of making a gift will exercise their creativity.



Baby's Very First Book: Faces by Campbell Books

Age: 0 - 1 yrs

Price: £5.99

This is a cloth book designed to appeal to a very young audience. Babies are fascinated by faces even in their earliest days. This, coupled with bold black and white patterns, which are particularly easy for young babies to see, creates a fantastic sensory experience. It also serves as a child’s first interaction with a book and can be great for encouraging children to read. 




Jiggle Hungry Caterpillar by Rainbow Designs

Recommended by Good Toy Guide

Age: 0 - 1 yr

Price: £14.99

The Very Hungry Caterpillar book has resonated with children ever since its publication in 1969. This bright, bold and colourful soft toy caterpillar brings this evergreen character to life. It’s fun, easy to use and the multi textured surfaces provide tactile stimulationIt’s perfect for babies from birth upwards.



 Harmonica Set by Rainbow Colours by Recommended Good Toy GuideHarmonica by Rainbow Colours

Recommended by Good Toy Guide

Age: 6 - 8 Yrs

Price £14.99 rrp 

A product that is considered the easiest route to learning to play the harmonica with rainbow coloured stickers for each note. Learning couldn’t be simpler. This product is suitable for a broad age range (three to 15 years), as well as for children with learning difficulties or dyslexia.



 christmas hama set

Hama Christmas Set by Hama

Age: 6 - 7 yrs

Price: £15.99

This makes for colourful festive fun for your children. They can make an assortment of 24 Christmas-themed Hama beads designs (including trees, Santa, reindeer etc.). This gift will improve children’s concentration and attention while encouraging logical thinking from following instructions. 




Mini Orchestra Musical Instruments by Halilit

Age: 6 mths - 3 yrs

Price: £17.68

These four easy to grip musical instruments are fun, bright and colourful. Perhaps most importantly, they are strong enough to withstand the test of children shaking and bashing them. These instruments are great for playing with others, and encourage important social skills.



 Play-and-Learn -Activity-Table

Play and Learn Activity Table

Recommended by Good Toy Guide

Age: 6 mths - 2 Yrs

Price: £34.99 rrp

This interactive learning table from VTech incorporates learning numbers, first words, colours, animals and more in one entertaining product. Its interactive manipulative features encourage fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and imaginative play. Not only this, but it’s also incredibly easy for children to.



Handmade Sensory Gifts


Design your own Handprint ApronHomemade Apron(s) 

This works a treat if you have more than one child, as they can simply do side by side handprints for a brilliant joint gift. Or perhaps your little one would prefer to paint a Christmas picture. To make one of your own, you will need a plain white craft apron, acrylic paint(s) of your choice and a paintbrush. You can get your children to use their fingers to create some of the pictures before adding finishing touches with a paintbrush. For example, they could create a reindeer face by using their thumbprint and then add a nose, eyes and horns with a paintbrush.





Fingerprint Key Chainsfinger-print-key-chains

Using oven bake clay, you can imprint your child’s tiny fingerprints and keep them on a memorable keychain. For full instructions please click here. This is a particularly special present to receive from babies and toddlers, as it’s a long lasting memoire of how tiny their fingers used to be.





paper-mache-bowlsPaper Maché Bowls

A useful gift for all the spare change accumulated by adults. It’s also a good storage space for sets of keys or other small belongings (such as jewellery) in the hallway. Children can use their imaginations to make these as vibrant and colourful as they can be. To make, please follow this link.




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