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STEM is a buzzword in education at the moment and can seem daunting, but basically, it just groups together four key subjects – science, technology, engineering and maths.

So if your little one is interested in one of these areas, or if you’d like to give them a bit of help in one of these areas, we have lots of products in the Good Toy Guide which can make learning STEM subjects fun.

Each of the below has scored the highest rating (recommended) in the guide and there are ideas across lots of ages.



Magformers World Adventure Set by Magformers




Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 7-9 

RRP: £114.99


Children can use the power of magnets and their imagination to create unique structures with these magnetic building panels. The Magformers World Adventure Set combines the best elements from the Sea, Jungle, Desert and Mountain adventure kits. With 59 unique magnetic shapes plus a host of accessories, such as caterpillar tracks, wheels, wheel, power engine block and remote control, children can make lots of vehicles, from a desert off-roader to a submarine or helicopter, while with the magnetic pieces children can make appropriate animals – like a dolphin, desert fox or mountain bear. World Adventure can be combined with other Magformers sets.

The World Adventure Set was incredibly popular with our testers. They got stuck in without needing guidance; the magnets meant the models were strong but it was still easy for children to add and remove pieces. Some followed the instructions to make specific models but they also loved improvising – great for enhancing creativity, curiosity and developing problem solving skills. This is an excellent set for teaching children STEM subjects in a fun hands-on way. The working motor and remote control got children experimenting with vehicle designs. Building 2D or 3D models helps children learn about geometry.



StikBot by BrainStorm

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 8-10

RRP: £11.99

StikBots are social-sharing poseable figurines. Their design allows for easy positioning on any flat surface thanks to suction-cup hands and feet. With eight colours to collect, the figures can be stuck together too. The free app for iPhone and Android allows children to shoot stop frame animation videos, pause and edit them, then share on social media. Children love making the videos from scratch. Introducing them to stop motion and video editing gives children a new tool to explore creativity, and video creation encourages storytelling which is good for imagination and language skills.




Bits & Bytes by Games 4 Learning

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 7-11

RRP: £17.95

Bits and Bytes is a card game that teaches children the fundamentals of computer coding. Children can develop their understanding and build upon the logical foundations required for programming so when they start to learn coding, they will already have the required mindset. Games can help children learn without realising it and Bits and Bytes is a really popular one with children. It helps them think strategically and solve problems, and these skills can contribute to computational thinking and computer coding. Bits and Bytes also encourages children to play as a group, helping to develop social skills and promote friendly competition.



Genetics & DNA

Genetics and DNA by Thames & Kosmos

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 8-11 

RRP: £23.49

The Genetics and DNA kit features 20 experiments to help teach children about what makes them them! Throughout the experiments, they will learn about the biology of reproduction, cell components, chromosomes and the helical structure of DNA.



Noah's Ark by Hape

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 1-2 

RRP: £24.99

The Hape Noah's Ark is a pull along, a shape sorter and a play set. The animal shapes can be posted through the holes or played with on their own. This toy teaches toddlers the very early maths subject of recognising shapes and fitting them into the correct spaces. Slotting the shapes into the sorter develops children’s logical thinking skills too. The pull-along can encourage children to move around, strengthening their arm and leg muscles.




Engino 30 Model Set by Engino Toy Systems

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 9-11 

RRP: £24.99

The multi-model capability of Engino Toy System increases geometrically as the number of parts contained in the sets goes up. The inventor motorised series is more suitable for intermediate and advanced users. Models are brought to life once animated with the motor included, which is also connectable to the solar panel. The series goes from the 30 in 1 models set up to the 120 in 1 set. Children love that so many designs can be made. They practice following instructions independently, or together, helping develop team skills. Building the models encourages concentration and allows children to take pride in their final product, as well as introducing them to engines.




Peppa Pig Inflatable Night Light by Bladez Toyz LTD

Age: 2-4

RRP: £29.99


The Peppa Pig Inflatable Night Light Sleep Trainer is three toys in one. For playtime Peppa wobbles, bops and bounces, with lights, sounds and phrases. When it’s time for bed, Peppa glows for ten minutes. Parents then set the time they want their child to get up and when they tap Peppa, if it’s still night she shows the time and a moon on her tummy, but after the set ‘wake-up’ time she shows a sun. This product was very popular - parents loved having a little longer in bed, while little ones adored Peppa. Having a sun and moon to symbolise day and night is a nice way to introduce children to telling the time.




Hot Wires by John Adams

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 7-9 

RRP: £49.99

Hot Wires is a snap together electronics kit. Build anything from a flying disc to a burglar alarm, a voice recorder, an FM radio with automatic station selection or even a lie detector, and that’s just for starters – there’s over 100 experiments to try. Children thoroughly enjoy creating the working circuits and trying out their own too. The experiments in the book get progressively harder allowing children to develop knowledge and build confidence. Hot Wires is perfect for supporting children’s learning at school with scientific symbols on each component so they can draw out the circuit once made.




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