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Art and crafts are a great way to entertain little ones, while helping them to learn a wide range of skills. These sets and kits are great options for when children need a bit of quiet time, or something to keep them busy during the dreaded ‘boring’ periods.

All of the products in our guide have been recommended in the Good Toy Guide, which is the highest rating, having been tested by our team of experts and children themselves.


Aquadoodle Super Colour Deluxe Playmat by Tomy

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 18 mths -2 Years

RRP: £18.99


Simply fill the Aquadoodle pen with tap water, run the nib over the magic mat and see the colours come alive. Any water that runs off the mat runs clear – so no mess or stains. As the drawings dry, designs fade away, ready for the mat to be used again. Aquadoodle is great for parents who want their children to be creative without getting paint everywhere. Little ones loved experimenting with using a brush or stamp, helping them learn about cause and effect. Early mark-making is also the beginning of writing and using the tools included helps children develop fine motor control and tripod grasp.





Doddlebrush by DoddleCreation

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 2-4 

RRP: £8.99


Fill up your DoddleBag with paint or glue, and you’re ready to get creative. With the attached brush there’s less mess and with the included caps you can seal the bag and save any unused paint or glue for next time. Expert zip sealing technology keeps liquids in. DoddleBags are free from phthalates, PVC and BPA, and are refillable and dishwasher proof. Our testers were able to hold and squeeze the bag to paint with no issues. As well as making parent’s lives easier, children enjoyed using the brushes - great for encouraging creative skills. Using the paintbrush improves hand-eye coordination and for young children, mark making is their first step towards writing letters.



Wildpack Activity Book

Wildpack Activity Book by Great Gizmos

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 4-6 

RRP: £5.95


The Wildpack Activity Book from Great Gizmos features games, connect the dots, colouring sheets, sticker sheets and masks in a pack. The wide variety of activities is suitable for a range of different ages and genders. The pack helps teach simple maths skills when children count the pictures on the dice and move the corresponding number of places.




Fast and the Curious Drawing Kit by Skinny Sketcher

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 6-8 

RRP: £6.99

The Fast & The Curious Drawing Kit includes six kits with everything needed to produce freehand sketches, featuring a camper van, boat, helicopter, motorcycle, plane and tractor. Children trace the first picture - an easy outline, then move to the next level and then onto the last picture to include all the detail. Finally, they move to drawing freehand. Children can then colour in by turning the tracing paper over and transferring the image onto paper. The kit can be extended with other sets from the range. Children followed the steps easily and were happy with their drawings. They could do whichever steps they wanted to – more confident children started with difficult steps, and vice versa.



Nutty Putty 

Nutty Putty by Alphabet Pie

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 7-9

RRP: £1.99 - £18.99


Nutty Putty is unlike any other putty. Children can create anything they want and if they want to keep their creations, pop it in the oven for 10 minutes to create a permanent object. Nutty Putty is made from non-toxic, hygienic silicone (Fda and RoHS approved), as used in the production of baby bottles. Children thoroughly enjoyed making all sorts of models, which encourages creativity. The putty is a great sensory toy for younger children too, allowing them to experience a different texture as well as strengthen fine motor skills. We love that Nutty Putty is durable and can be used again and again.



indoor paint and play set

Indoor Paint Playset by Kidicraft

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 6-9

RRP: £24.99


The Indoor Paint Play Set includes two wooden yo-yo’s, two wooden spinning tops, six wooden hoops, six ping-pong balls, a neckerchief, seven acrylic paint pots, six poster paint pots, two paint brushes, a pencil and a table mat. The book included describes games to play and things to create. The children loved this set by Primo and enjoyed having the freedom to play a range of activities, and being able to create their own games from the equipment. The different games are great for helping children develop their team working skills, and encourage active and social play. The children enjoyed being able to paint the toys too.



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