Buying great gifts for grandchildren of all ages this Christmas

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The grandparent-grandchild relationship is a truly special one, so understandably you want your gift to be a favourite at Christmas. Whether the ambition is for the gift to show real insight into what your grandchild will value, or to be totally novel, educational or just plain fun, most grandparents want their present to stand out from the crowd.

Buying gifts at Christmas can be a real minefield

You want to keep the parents happy - after all, they're the ones who will have to deal with the aftermath of noisy or messy toys and finding somewhere to put the toy if it takes up a lot of space. Meanwhile, it can be very difficult to find age-appropriate toys; whether that's getting something younger ones are able to use, or staying up-to-date with whats 'cool' as they hit their teens.

Grandchildren may reach an age when they start requesting certain toys, which makes your job a lot easier but does take away the fun of the surprise come Christmas day. They might also ask for something you don't approve of, whether it's a toy that will break the bank or something you know will be poor quality.

However, try to remember why you're giving the gift in the first place; it shouldn't be about the child getting everything they want. In fact, receiving a misfitting jumper or a toy they grew out of three years ago, teaches your grandchild an important lesson in gratitude and respect. They might not realise it just yet, but it really is the thought that counts - the yellow blanket my nan knitted me as a child has had the most longevity by far, although I probably didn't think that at the time. So try not to feel too pressured to find the perfect gift.

Where to start when choosing toys for your grandchild

Requesting a wish list from your grandchild or their parents can be helpful, as you can keep the element of surprise while safe in the knowledge that you're buying something that will be well received. We suggest keeping it fairly general - 'he likes superheroes', 'she loves making things' - so that you still have space to make the gift personal.

It's also worth doing some research to find good quality, long-lasting toys. Over at the Good Toy Guide, our experts have been busy testing and reviewing toys all year round (with the help of children, parents and child carers) to put together a few suggestions below to get you started. Of course every grandchild is different, so if nothing on these lists jumps out at you, head on over to the Good Toy Guide for over 600 toys to browse (just tick the age you want on the left).


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