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There are some outdoor toys which we immediately think of as Christmas gifts, such as a bike or scooter, but others are less obvious due to the British weather and the fact playing outside is often less appealing at this time of year. But if you’re splashing out on Christmas presents, it could be well worth looking at some of the larger garden items as gift ideas.

All of the below ideas have been recommended by the Good Toy Guide – the highest rating we offer, having been tested thoroughly by our team of experts and children themselves.


Mini Hornit by The Hornit

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 6-8

RRP: £14.99


The Mini Hornit is both a light and a horn, so children can be seen and heard and have fun at the same time. The wings make it easy to attach to any bike or scooter and the bug eyes complete the insect-like look. Each Mini Hornit has 25 sounds, including a cockerel, a bell, a fire engine, horses’ hooves, a helicopter and a racing car. The 12 lumen lights are white and green. Children loved trying out all the different sounds the Mini Hornit made. This is a great accessory that can make riding bikes and scooters more fun for children, encouraging active play and in turn helping to strengthen muscles, and build balance and coordination.



Mini Micro-3-in-1 Scooter

Mini Micro 3 in 1 by Micro Scooters

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 18 mths - 4 Years 

RRP: £79.99


The Mini Micro Scooter 3 in1 is suitable for children aged one to five. The ride-on scooter offers adjustable seat setting for ages one to two. It then becomes a toddler scooter with chunky toddler handlebars for ages two to three. Finally, it can be changed to a Mini Micro scooter with the traditional T-bar handlebar for ages three to five. The scooter is easy to assemble and transform and we really liked that the seat height had two settings for different aged children.




Strider 12 Sport by Strider Bikes

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 18 mths - 3 Years 

RRP: £88.00


This Strider bike is lightweight and everything is ergonomically designed to cater for little children. There is an extra-long seat post to simply adjust as children grow. The mini grip handlebars are made of soft urethane with triple protective ends to prevent damage and are 43 per cent smaller than standard to allow control for tiny hands. The EVA polymer tyres are light, durable never need air and can’t go flat. Frame-integrated footrests are positioned below the saddle for bike balance. A foot operated brake can be added, however, children learn to stop initially using their feet. This bike gives young children the chance to learn to balance and manoeuvre a bike – something that’s not normally within their skill set until later. By not having to worry about peddling, children can develop confidence and healthy activity levels from 18 months.




smarTrike Explorer 5-trikes-in-1 by smarTrike

Approved by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 10 mths - 3 yrs 

RRP: £120.00


The Explorer 5-trikes-in-1 supports children from 10 months to three years-old and incorporates five stages which adapt as the child grows. A new 360° swivel wheel ensures smooth manoeuvring and the addition of the navigator button means it’s easy to switch between stages. Our testers covered the range of ages and all of them enjoyed the smarTrike – younger ones asked others to push them, while older children peddled off alone. The transition from parent-controlled to classic trike allows children to build confidence. The trike also encourages children to get active, strengthening muscles and promoting healthy habits. When children have mastered the trike they can move onto a bike with confidence.




Cloudy the Parachute by FAFU

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 3-6

RRP: £150


Cloudy the Parachute by FAFU encourages co-operative, non-competitive games and reinforces turn-taking & sharing. Fill Cloudy up with air and it will stand alone like a large balloon until someone starts jumping on it and pushing the air-pockets around. A wide variety of different games can be played , e.g. balls and bean bags can be bounced on it. Children loved running around playing ‘sharks’, moving the parachute around with their arms to create the waves. Games like this can help children develop gross motor skills, strengthen arm and leg muscles, and build coordination and balance. The parachute allows children to play group games, allowing them to practice social skills.






Forest Acorn Growable Swing with Quadpod by TP Toys

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 6 mths - 5 Yrs

RRP: £159.98


The TP Acorn Swing Frame adjusts from low to full height making it ideal to grow with children. The QuadPod is one seat design which incorporates four stages suitable as children grow. Quick and easy to change, it’s ideal to couple with the Growable Swing Frame. The seat has an adjustable five-point safety harness, ergonomically designed headrest and curved ‘Y’ yoke safety bar to make lifting children in and out easy. Children loved the swing, which is brilliant for encouraging active play, strengthening gross motor skills, co-ordination, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Children can play together and learn to take turns by pushing each other.




Genius Octagonal2 Trampoline by TP Toys

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

Age: 6-11

RRP: £299.99 - £499.99


The TP Genius Octagonal2 trampoline has great bounce, performance and safety. The octagonal frame gives a more predictable mat. It also features the IGLOO door system, which is a fun, crawl-through tunnel with no zips. It gives jumpers a bounce-back system, so they stay safely on the trampoline. The SurroundSafe enclosure ensures the springs are enclosed and inaccessible from inside. Available in 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft. As well as developing their muscles, core strength, balance and cardio fitness, it also promotes confidence and children’s capacity to assess their own abilities and take measured risks. Children were also great at taking turns and ensuring all got to use the trampoline fairly.



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