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Spending time with friends is important to ten year-olds, so games and activities they can do together are ideal. Non-fiction books can be great for helping children escape from or make sense of situations in their lives (e.g. difficulties with friends).


 This Christmas, we want good quality toys children will enjoy again and again. So rather than spending a small fortune on a toy that  is destined to gather dust, why not get some inspiration from our Good Toy Guide experts? These little elves spend all year trying out tons of toys - with the help of children, parents, and child carers - to add some sparkle to your gift list this Christmas.


Sussed? All Sorts by Games to Get

(RRP: £8.99)

  • A fun and simple card game with three entertaining ways of uncovering players’ likes, dislikes, reactions, wishes and opinions
  • Can be played with anything from two to eight players, or two to eight teams of two or more
  • Promotes conversation and social skills, encouraging communication and self-awareness

A brilliant family game with most questions accessible to children under eight, the Sussed? All Sorts Quiz is a fun way of promoting conversation to find out who knows family, friends (or even themselves) best. The quiz encourages communication skills and supports a child’s developing sense of identity, with our testers enjoying learning facts that they didn’t know about each other.

StikBot by Brainstorm

(RRP: £11.99)

  • Introduces children to stop motion animation and film editing  
  • Provides children with a new creative tool
  • Great for encouraging older children to tell stories and use their imaginations

Children can make their own stop-motion videos with StikBots - The figures can be posed at multiple angles and the included app (which works with Apple and Android) makes it easy for kids to film and edit their videos. Our testers really enjoyed trying out stop motion and we found it was a great way to get them working together, with one child on the camera and the other moving the characters.

Top of the Tables by Learning Resources

(RRP: £12.95)

  • Combines learning times tables with a football theme, players learn multiplication by shooting, scoring and spinning the spinner to create equations
  • Promotes strategic thinking and playing competitively in a friendly way
  • Different difficulty levels are good for enabling children to progress in ability

At this age, children are learning to memorise their 12 times tables, so Top of the Tables! is useful for practicing this skill in a fun and engaging way with the football theme. Our testers enjoyed employing strategic thinking to win the game, as well as pushing themselves with the more challenging ‘Premier league’ level.

Engino 30 Model Set by Engino Toy Systems

(RRP: £24.99)

  • · For children who ‘play to invent’, with 30 ways of making models
  • The models are brought to life once animated with the high speed torque geared motor
  • Construction activities develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and logical thinking

This fun construction activity set introduces children to engines. Our testers enjoyed the idea that such a variety of designs can be made from one set, and worked both independently to follow the instructions in the construction of their model and also in a team to help each other, encouraging concentration and social play.

TP Genius Octagonal2 Trampoline by TP Toys 

(RRP: from £299.99)

  • Designed and built to last, with thorough safety features
  • Develops muscles, core strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness
  • Promotes children’s confidence and aptitude to assess their own abilities and take measured risks

This very popular trampoline generated much excitement with our testers. With numerous health and developmental benefits, it promotes the important concept of measured risk-taking in child play. The children were aware of the safe use of the trampoline and enjoyed taking turns to make sure everyone got to join in the fun fairly. The octagonal frame and the surrounding bounce back enclosure ensures safe and worry-free bouncing.


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