Christmas toys for seven year-olds

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Collectibles such as mini figures or sticker albums are popular with this age group and can be a great activity for children to share with their friends. With their improving skills children can explore new creative paths, like musical instruments and story telling.

 This Christmas, we want good quality toys children will enjoy again and again. So rather than spending a small fortune on a toy that  is destined to gather dust, why not get some inspiration from our Good Toy Guide experts? These little elves spend all year trying out tons of toys - with the help of children, parents, and child carers - to add some sparkle to your gift list this Christmas.


Rory Story Cubes by Coiledspring Games

(RRP: £10.00)

  • Encourages imaginative storytelling and creative writing
  • Excellent for communication skills and social play, turn taking and confidence building
  • Improves vocabulary and sentence construction skills

The perfect game for the avid storytellers out there, Rory’s Story Cubes consist of nine different dice with a unique image on each of the six sides. The game is simple, roll the dice and tell a story from the nine face up images you get. Our testers enjoyed the freedom to come up with their own weird and wonderful stories. The game is ideal for playing while travelling, in the classroom or even for creative writing ideas, and with ten million possible combinations from the nine dice; children won’t run out of inspiration.

Suteki! Stencil Station by Cool Create

(RRP: £14.99)

  • Includes paint, nine stencils and a mini art studio for the stencilling
  • Promotes creative skills and imaginative art making
  • Appeals to a range of younger and older children, as it is simple but provides great creative options

Suteki means awesome in Japanese which is a great way to describe this stencilling station. Children loved layering up their creations with different stencils, adding sticky gems and glitter foam shapes. This activity is great for encouraging children to get creative and use their imagination.

Ukulele Package by Rainbow Colours

(RRP: £29.99)

  • Simple colour coding makes it easy for children to learn to play, building confidence in their musical skills
  • A great introduction to reading music notes allowing children to move onto learning other musical instruments
  • A fun way to encourage musical creativity – children can use the colour coding method to compose their own tunes

The Rainbow Colours Ukulele is a great way for learning music that’s just a little bit different. Our testers took great pride in mastering new tunes – we could see them progressing after just a week of practice. The colour coding makes it simple for children to learn how to play, as well as an ideal introduction to reading music notes.

RC Illuminated Solar System by Brainstorm

(RRP: £34.99)

  • Engages children in scientific topics and learning about the universe
  • Good for turn taking and sharing
  • Easy to assemble and can be mounted to the ceiling

Space and the solar system is a topic fascinating to many children and adults alike, so the whole family will enjoy this Illuminated Solar System. As well as engaging children in scientific topics, the model rotates and encourages working as a team to learn about the different orbits. Our testers enjoyed visually learning and discussing the planets and the solar system.

3D Play Platform by Base Ace

(RRP: £35.00)

  • Compatible with Lego bricks and characters that children already own
  • Provides a flexible and versatile environment for new stories and adventures to be played out on
  • Encourages imaginative and social play, as well as communication skills

Jazz up an existing Lego collection with the Base Ace 3D Play Platform, which is a flexible accessory that can be used by children as a backdrop to many different adventures. Think of the platform as a non-traditional doll’s house, which both boys and girls love as a fun addition to their creative play. Our testers even pretended the pieces were lava slides and space ships.

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