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Six year-olds will love making crafts to give to friends and family; art sets can make it easy for children to quickly create an item to be proud of. This age group also loves a puzzle, but try to get multi-level puzzles that will remain challenging as the child gets more skilful.

 This Christmas, we want good quality toys children will enjoy again and again. So rather than spending a small fortune on a toy that  is destined to gather dust, why not get some inspiration from our Good Toy Guide experts? These little elves spend all year trying out tons of toys - with the help of children, parents, and child carers - to add some sparkle to your gift list this Christmas.

Capture the Castle Drawing Kit by Skinny Sketcher

(RRP: £6.99)

  • Encourages children to explore and expand their creative skills and imagination in art and design
  • Develops concentration and attention to detail
  • Builds confidence in drawing by allowing children to progress at different levels depending on ability with simpler and more difficult steps such as tracing vs free hand drawing

Drawing is a fun and constructive hobby, and Skinny Sketcher’s drawing kits enable children to produce freehand sketches using a step by step format, suited to a range of ability and confidence levels. This Capture the Castle edition of includes a medieval themed castle with a drawbridge, cannon, knight, coat of arms and princess, which ignited our testers’ imaginations, with one child adding a moat and a boat to her castle drawing.

Penguins Pool Party by Smart Games

(RRP: £12.99)

  • The game includes over 60 challenges, providing great game play
  • The single player game makes this product ideal for travel or quiet play
  • The increasing difficulty in the levels means that although the game is suitable from three years-old, mum and dad will be able to play too!

Penguin Pool Party from Smart Games is an exciting new 3D game. Children have to place the penguins in the water on the game board as shown in each challenge and then fit the ice blocks around them. Children will need to use logic and strategic thinking to complete the challenges.

Mini Hornit by the Hornit

(RRP: £14.99)

  • Encourages active play, by making riding on bikes and scooters even more fun
  • Enables children to be seen and heard using lights and sounds while they are playing outside

The Mini Hornit is an insect inspired light and horn which can be attached to any bike or scooter. It offers different light modes in green and white and 25 sounds to switch between, which proved popular with our testers when trying out all the sound effects. The lights and sounds make this a fun addition to children’s active play.

Robot Turtles by Think Fun

(RRP: £24.99)

  • Introduces children to the fundamentals of computer programming
  • Promotes problem solving and logical thinking skills
  • Encourages family bonding and communication skills with a fun role reversal theme to the game

Enter the world of programming with Robot Turtles, a fun child-led board game where they play the coders and an adult plays a computer. A fun part of this game is the role reversal where children get to tell the adult what to do and our testers enjoyed this. In addition, this game teaches children about the fundamentals of computer programming by promoting problem solving and step by step processes.

Despicable Me RC Inflatable Minion by Bladez Toyz

(RRP: £39.99)

  • Encourages children to get physically active and promotes sharing and social play
  • Inspires creative play, with children using their imaginations to create games for the minion to be used in
  • Improves hand eye coordination via the radio controller

Fans of Despicable Me will love this radio controlled inflatable minion. It encourages active play and our testers had fun creating their own games including ‘stuck in the minion mud’ and hide and seek. The minion is easy to use and can drive in any direction, with no worries if it falls over, as it just pops back up again.

Water Park with Slides by Playmobil

(RRP: £49.99)

  • Role play allows children to explore different characters creatively and make sense of real life situations
  • Large playsets encourage children to play together which helps them learn to communicate, improves social skills and promotes sharing

The Water Park with Slides is a large play set from Playmobil, which children will love to play with both individually and with others. Features include multiple slides, floatable raft tyres and a rotating octopus which makes waves in the pool. Our testers enjoyed using their imaginations and role playing skills to create holiday themed adventures.

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