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From the age of one, children will soon be moving around and walking, if they aren't already, so they will explore everything they can get their hands on. Toys which encourage fine motor skills, such as those with chunky pieces, are great for this age group, as are those which encourage early learning such as shape, animal and colour recognition and cause and effect.

 This Christmas, we want good quality toys children will enjoy again and again. So rather than spending a small fortune on a toy that  is destined to gather dust, why not get some inspiration from our Good Toy Guide experts? These little elves spend all year trying out tons of toys - with the help of children, parents, and child carers - to add some sparkle to your gift list this Christmas.

Chunky Knob Dinosaur Puzzle by Masterkidz

(RRP: £9.99)

  • Slotting the puzzle together is great for developing logical thinking skills, which help with problem solving and maths
  • Young children often use their whole hand to pick things up, so the large wooden handles make it easier for them to move the pieces
  • The colourful dinosaurs can be used to help children practise their colours

Perfect for dinosaur fans, this chunky wooden puzzle from Masterkidz has giant, easy-grasp handles to make the pieces easier for little hands.

Aquadoodle Super Colour Deluxe by Tomy

(RRP: £18.99)

  • No mess, no stains, no worry! Children can create colourful pictures with ordinary tap water
  • The fold-up mat and no-spill water container are ideal for travelling
  • A great way to get toddlers mark-making, which is the beginning of writing; as children get older they can be encouraged to draw shapes, numbers and letters too

The perfect solution to mess-free creative play, the magical Aquadoodle mat lets children create brightly coloured pictures just by using water. This set includes a fold-up mat for storage and travelling, an Aquadoodle pen that can be filled with water, a paint brush and animal stampers.

Petilou Sensory Shapes by Le Toy Van

(RRP: £24.95)

  • The many different sensory features to explore, from mirrors to sounds, really help foster a child’s curiosity
  • The built-in shape sorter is great for learning about space and shape, as well as improving hand-eye coordination
  • Stacking the blocks and knocking them down again helps little ones learn about physics, and develop logical thinking

Touch the fluffy fabric, shake to hear a jingle bell, or take a look through the kaleidoscope - this wooden multi-sensory set from Le Toy Van really gives curious minds a lot to explore. We really like that the blocks can be stacked, and there is also a board for shape sorting.

Noahs Ark by Hape Toys

(RRP: £24.99)

  • Can be used for imaginative play, encouraging speech and an understanding of the world (e.g. making the animal sounds)
  • The built-in shape sorter is great for learning about space and shape, as well as improving hand-eye coordination
  • Walking is an important skill at this age, and pull-alongs like this are ideal for getting children moving about

The Noah's Ark from Hape is a wooden pull along, shape sorter and play set all in one. A classic toy box set, animals are always popular with young children. We loved seeing our testers acting out the animals noises as they played.

Smart Magnetic Discovery by SmartMax

(RRP: £24.99)

  • Large, quality, colourful plastic bars are easy for little hands to hold and use
  • Magnets hold the pieces together, making them easy to connect and disconnect without the risk of knocking them over
  • Building models is great for creativity and problem solving skills

Kids love to build things, and this brightly coloured SmartMax set is ideal for toddlers. The large plastic pieces are easy to handle and are held together by magnets; this means they are are easy to attach and detach without a lot of force, but they also hold together well, avoiding the frustration that comes when towers topple over.

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