Christmas toys for newborn to one year-olds

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Babies are just starting to explore their world but are still limited to what they can physically do - this is why it’s important to make sure toys are appropriate (e.g. are the buttons on the toy big enough for the child to push?). Cause and effect toys (with lights and sounds) are really popular at this age.

 This Christmas, we want good quality toys children will enjoy again and again. So rather than spending a small fortune on a toy that  is destined to gather dust, why not get some inspiration from our Good Toy Guide experts? These little elves spend all year trying out tons of toys - with the help of children, parents, and child carers - to add some sparkle to your gift list this Christmas.

Eric Carle Developmental Toys Jiggle Hungry Caterpillar by Rainbow Designs

(RRP: £14.99)

  • Bright colours help to catch babies' eyes and give them visual stimulation, which is good for brain development
  • Touching, feeling and chewing different textures gives further sensory stimulation
  • Includes attachable loops, great for buggies and high chairs

This soft toy based on the well-loved Very Hungry Caterpillar features eye-catching bright colours and different sensory features for baby to feel, hear and chew. It also jiggles and shakes when pulled.


Splash and Sing Bath Book by vTech

(RRP: £14.99)

  • Fully waterproof, interactive book with songs and melodies
  • Great for distracting and entertaining during bath time, as well as building confidence in the water
  • Can be used during meal times too, as food and drink spills can easily be wiped off

The interactive and fully waterproof Splash and Sing Bath Book from VTech can make bath time much more enjoyable all round. The book includes three soft pages, each with buttons to teach children about parts of the body and bathing. A light up button on the spine also plays entertaining melodies.


Everywhere PlayMAT by Prince Lionheart

(RRP: £50.00)

  • Easily folds into a carry case, for adventures on the go
  • Vibrant zoo and city scenes distract babies who aren't keen on tummy time
  • Doubles as the perfect scene for a toddler's imaginative play; so the play mat can grow with the child or be used by older siblings

A double-sided, beautifully illustrated play mat; soft and cushiony, water resistant, and easy to wipe clean. The Everywhere PlayMAT features a zoo scene on one side and a city scene on the other, perfect for visual stimulation during tummy time. Our testers loved crawling around the mat to spot the different animals. It also gives toddlers a setting for imaginative play.

Lil Ocean Explorers 3 in 1 Adventure Course by Little Tikes

(RRP: £79.99)

  • Whether they are sitting, crawling or walking there is something to explore - the course grows with the child and is good for getting siblings of different ages to play together too
  • The many different play opportunities are ideal for keeping the attention of little ones
  • The adventure course encourages children to crawl and stand, strengthening muscles and coordination

From the Lil' Ocean Explorers range from Little Tikes, the 3-in-1 Adventure Course has lots of things for little ones to discover - we certainly saw a lot of giggling and clapping in delight with our testers. It's designed to stimulate and entertain at every milestone, from sitting to standing, and the course can be redesigned to keep things interesting.

Forest Acorn Growable Swing with Quadpod by TP Toys

(RRP: £159.98)

  • Little ones will benefit from improving their balance while getting active
  • The adjustability means confidence can develop over time, so the child can progress their skills
  • A lovely way for siblings of different ages to play together, learning to share and take turns

This adjustable wooden swing frame can be paired with the cleverly designed four in one QuadPod. Both are adjustable, so this swingset can grow with the child - plus it can be adapted for older brothers or sisters to use. From the fully supportive 'cocoon' style seat for babies, to a classic swing seat, the swingset from TP Toys will be popular for years to come.

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