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When browsing for apps it’s handy to have an idea of which developer to look for – some are particularly good at educational apps, while others have wonderful creative games.

Our App Developer’s of the Month have designed apps that are popular with our experts and little testers alike. In 2015 we’ve had some fantastic developers who have really earned the title with their novel and educational apps.

So next time you’re browsing the app store, make sure you keep an eye out for:



Seven Academy

Seven Academy‘s games can support pre-schoolers who are learning to write their name and think logically.

Seven Academy‘s apps give children enjoyable activities that complement their learning brilliantly.

For example Name Play encourages 4-5 year olds to practise writing their name with 8 brightly coloured, interactive games – from using a typewriter to make a Birthday party invitation to labelling items in their personal pencil case.

Since becoming app developer of the month:

We have recommended a few more Seven Academy apps, including the fantastic puzzle game Crazy Gears.



Apps from Edoki can help children learn maths, letters and more.


Edoki’s apps use the ‘Montessori Method’ which allows children to learn through hands-on self-directed activities.

Montessori Math helps make adding and subtracting large numbers a little less daunting for 6-8 year olds by giving them different methods to try, helping find their strongest method. They can experiment with counting beads, partitioning (splitting numbers into tens and units) and more. Children can then test their skills against the clock with the games box!

Since becoming app developer of the month:        

Edoki and Seven Academy have joined forces and we are really excited to see what fantastic educational apps they come up with together in the coming year!




TinyHands have some great apps for teaching toddlers key concepts, such as sorting objects.


Alongside certified child psychologists and experienced educators, TinyHands make fun games to help children learn and improve their knowledge of important concepts like matching, classification and logical thinking.

One of their apps, Raccoon’s Treehouse, uses familiar every day objects – like toy tractors – to teach toddlers basic maths concepts such as size, colours, numbers and patterns.

Since becoming app developer of the month:

TinyHands’ apps have been made available on Google Play and made it into the Apple App Store top charts too!



Duckie Deck

Pre-schoolers can get creativelearn to share and more with Duckie Deck.

Duckie Deck apps cover important subjects for pre-schoolers, like brushing their teeth and sharing with others, which are essential for their social and emotional development.

Many of their apps encourage creativity; for example, Trash Toys provides preschoolers with lots of recycled materials to build their own toy from.

Since becoming app developer of the month:

We have tested and approved three more apps by Duckie Deck, including Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef which teaches pre-schoolers about healthy eating by getting creative.



Fox & Sheep

Nurture a love of reading with Fox & Sheep‘s interactive book apps.

Fox & Sheep create wonderfully illustrated games and interactive books to immerse children in some magical stories.

Petting Zoo is a new kind of picture book that features charming hand drawn doodles, which children of all ages can tap or drag to discover surprising and hilarious animations! This app is fantastic for stretching children’s imaginations and encouraging them to try drawing for themselves.

Since becoming app developer of the month:

The lovely Nighty Night Circus (approved by the Good App Guide) became app of the week in the Apple App Store, plus we have tested two more Fox & Sheep apps which have achieved a recommended status.




Children will love playing matching games, practising logical thinking and more with Ahoiii‘s apps.

A small studio based in Germany, Ahoii produce a series of apps following the adventures of Fiete the sailor that encourage children to match pictures, follow instructions, spot the odd one out and more.

Fiete Match lets 4-8 year olds compete against Fiete in 6 card games that challenge their picture matching, logical thinking (such as pairing an ambulance with a bandage) and addition skills (pairing the sum with the answer).

Since becoming app developer of the month:

Fiete Choice (recommended by the Good App Guide) was recently awarded the Red Dot Best of the Best Award for Communication Design.


Wonderkind-150x150 JungleJam


Encourage your pre-schooler’s natural curiosity with wonderkind‘s interactive scenes.

Each app wonderkind creates has a different environment for toddlers and pre-schoolers to explore, which is perfect for encouraging their natural curiosity.

From a fire station to a farm, the beautiful watercolours come to life as children tap the objects in the scene and watch the animated stories.

Since becoming app developer of the month:

We’ve tried out and recommended wonderkind’s Jungle Jam! app, an animal themed music app for pre-schoolers.




Support your child’s reading and spelling with Nessy‘s learning games.

Nessy‘s apps help to build children’s confidence in reading and spelling and can be particularly helpful for children with dyslexia.

Their Hairy Phonics apps motivate 4-6 year olds to learn with fun and humorous games. Each app has a different set of phonemes (letter sounds) to practise and if children are struggling, the yeti can give them a hint. Each challenge they complete, they save a Hairy – children loved this part (particularly the dancing Hairies at the end!).

Since becoming app developer of the month:

Nessy have released a great illustrated e-book to help parents understand dyslexia and explain it to their child, which you can download for free here.


Dr Panda

Pre-schoolers can have a go at all sorts of everyday jobs with Dr Panda‘s role playing apps.

Dr Panda‘s apps combine role play elements, open-ended play and expressive characters to give pre-schoolers the chance to explore everyday situations – such as cleaning and tidying or D.I.Y. – in a safe and playful environment.

Since becoming app developer of the month:

We have tried and recommended the newly released Dr Panda’s Firefighters game that lets children explore an exciting, action-packed world and help rescue Dr Panda’s friends from the burning buildings.



Tinybop‘s apps give children the freedom to explore everything from the earth to the human body.

Tinybop build apps designed to encourage exploration and creativity, where children play and learn by seeing how things work.

Their Human Body app features an interactive human body so that 5-11 year olds can explore head to toe the nervous system, senses, muscles and much more. They can watch a lung as it breathes, see what happens in the heart and veins when someone runs and watch food being digested. Fascinating and great for supporting their scientific knowledge!

Since becoming app developer of the month:

We have tested and approved Tinybop’s The Earth, an interactive model that lets children study and observe the geological forces that change the planet – above and below the surface.


Labo Lado

Pre-schoolers can get crafty with Labo Lado‘s creative apps.

Labo Lado develop apps to inspire creativity and imagination. Many of their apps are open-ended, with no time limit and no score board – so children can just experiment freely.

For example in Labo Pebble Art pre-schoolers can piece together and paint their pebbles to create all sorts of pictures.

Since becoming app developer of the month:

We’re looking forward to testing more of their apps!

Find more tested and approved apps  for all ages in our Good App Guide.

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