Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

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In the lead up to Christmas our partner play clubs (who help us out with our toy and app testing) have been busy making lots of festive crafts. Fusion Childcare Services and Lynmore Nursery School have been kind enough to share their ideas and some wonderful photos of the children’s creations with us, so we can give you some lovely crafty ideas to keep the kids busy over the Christmas holidays.

Christmas is a great opportunity to spend time with your children and they will love making some holiday themed crafts with you. Getting creative allows children to learn new art skills, builds their confidence and gives you some great gifts or decorations for your house too!

You can adapt most of these activities depending on your child’s ability, giving younger ones a head start (for example, cutting out the templates ready for them to colour in) and encouraging older ones to try out different techniques and designs (such as adding glitter or fabrics).


Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids


1. Footprint Reindeer

This one can get a bit messy but it’s worth it for the adorable reindeer your child can make! Put down a plastic tablecloth to protect your floor (this is best done in the kitchen, or somewhere easy to clean) and a tray of brown paint, then help your child dunk their foot in the paint and onto a sheet of paper (have some wet wipes handy to clean them off after!). They can stick on small paper circles as eyes and use a paintbrush to add antlers and a shiny red nose.

Source and image credit: Fusion


2. Biscuit Decorations

Not just festive but yummy too! Make up a batch of biscuit dough (there are lots of recipes online) and use a cutter to make some shapes. Make a hole in the top with a skewer and decorate, then add a ribbon through the hole so you can add them to your Christmas tree. These also make great gifts for family and friends.

Source and image credit: Fusion


3. Toilet Tube Snowmen

Do you want to build a snowman…that doesn’t melt? Cover a toilet tube with white paper and cut a triangle out of orange paper for the nose. You could add a small pom-pom ball on the top to make a bobble hat and a ribbon for a scarf too.

Source and image credit: Fusion


4. Christmas Garland

Cut out festive shapes such as angels and Christmas trees and stick them to a long piece of ribbon to make a lovely decoration to cover your living room!

You could also try making a garland from cupcake cases and some string or a simple paper chain with strips of paper.

Source and image credit: Fusion


5. Toilet Tube Tree

If you have a few toilet roll tubes saved up (and I know you all do) you can make a Christmas tree by painting them green and sticking them together in a triangle shape. Fusion also had the great idea of putting some sparkly star confetti in the top tube for the star on top of the tree.

Source and image credit: Fusion


6. Paper Angels

Perfect angels for the top of your tree! Make a cone out of paper and cut some wings out to stick on the back. Your child can draw and cut out a face or you can use a photo of them, giving you a decoration with lovely memories every year. For a more decorative angel, make the cone using a paper doily.

Source and image credit: Fusion


7. Human Snowman

This photo really made us chuckle! Get inventive and turn your child into a snowman – wrap them up in toilet paper, add a cardboard orange carrot nose and toilet tube arms, then use scarves, bobble hats and gloves to decorate them. If you have a few children over this can make a great competition; give them 10 minutes to make their partner into a snowman then decide on a winner!

Source and image credit: Fusion


8. Ski Slope Card

Such a simple and clever idea that creates a cool effect. Fold a piece of paper in half and carefully rip the top of the front sheet off at an angle to create a snowy hill. Children can then decorate their ski slope with skiers, snow and trees. Try adding some glitter for a magical effect.

Source and image credit: Fusion


9. Paper Plate Elf

A lovely craft for preschoolers! Get a green paper plate (or paint one green) and add springy paper arms and legs. Add a paper face too and let your child draw the features on. They can also add other decorations like a belt for their elf.

Source and image credit: Lynmore


10. Paper Reindeer

Another great idea for littler ones. Cut out a reindeer shape (you can find templates online), using coloured paper for the antlers. Stick on googly eyes and either paint on a red nose or use a pom-pom. Then get your child to colour in the reindeer’s face.

Source and image credit: Lynmore



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