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 We test all products in the Good Toy Guide with children and have found that the toys suggested in this article are particularly popular with girls. Whilst some are traditional ‘girly’ choices others are gender neutral or even challenge gender stereotypes.`

In the end the right choice will depend on the child you are buying for – after all, whilst the evidence shows that on average girls really do instinctively prefer caring/nurturing toys, much of their preference may be influenced by their experiences and of course many girls do not fit the stereotype.

We encourage you not to jump straight for the ‘girly’ choice necessarily but to consider a range of options and even whether the right choice of toys may even help to overcome gender differences. In the end the best choice is something they will enjoy!

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Christmas Toy Inspiration for Girls

Puzzles and games


Under 5s

Preschoolers love a good puzzle that requires them to solve problems and develop their logical thinking skills. Three Little Piggies (ages 4-5) is a wonderful logic game for younger children and our testers thoroughly enjoyed completing the challenges. Thanks to the familiar fairy tale theme the game feels child-friendly and fun.

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5 and above

Older children have lots of fun playing group games and this is a fabulous opportunity for them to build relationships and practise their communication skills. The Pictionary Frame Game (ages 6-11) can end in some hilarious drawings and guesses! In this version players can use the board with their drawing to act out their clue, adding a new dimension to this classic game.

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Role play


Under 5s

Preschool girls tend to enjoy imitating adults and in particular like nurturing toys (these can be soft toys, dolls or toy animals). The Little Love Baby Talk doll (ages 1 1/2 -4) makes realistic sounds and can even learn phrases, which our testers loved!

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5 and above

Older girls may be more interested in small world play, using lots of small props, characters and sets to create stories. At this age they also prefer to play together and playsets are great for sharing. Cherry Tree Hall (ages 4-8) is a beautiful doll’s house, complete with small details and lovely decorations, and this was really popular with children. There is also lots of matching furniture available so children can create a tiny detailed world of their own.

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Science toys


Under 5s

A preschooler’s fascination with the world around them can be used to nurture an interest in science. The Geosafari Jr. My First Microscope (ages 4-8) can help bring out their natural curiosity; our testers really enjoyed looking up close at plants and their fingerprints and comparing the patterns they saw.

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5 and above

Science kits are becoming increasingly popular and are a great way to bring science to life while supporting a child’s learning at school. Hot Wires is a truly fantastic way for girls to create over 100 different circuits and even experiment with their own using very simple snap-together components. This set was incredibly popular with our testers who were amazed to see their working doorbells, fans and more.

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Arts and crafts


Under 5s

Young children love exploring different art materials and sets that make it easy to create a final product help build their confidence in this. Paint by Numbers – Pets (ages 4-6) has 6 different pictures to paint and includes everything children will need to create their own piece of art. The testers loved matching up the numbers on the paint blocks with the numbers on the picture and seeing their picture grow!

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5 and above

As they get older children will benefit from learning new skills that they can experiment with in their artwork. Skinny Sketchers (ages 6-8), the cool coffee-cup-shaped drawing kits, are brilliant for this – we found that once children had traced over the step-by-step images they went on to create scenes with their drawings and even attempt to draw the pictures freehand.

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Active toys


Under 5s

It’s a good idea to encourage activity from a young age to promote a healthy lifestyle as children get older. The Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe (ages 1 1/2-5) is a kid-powered car that will get preschoolers zooming up and down the garden in their very own vehicle. This version has soft pink and blue colours that may be more appealing to girls who aren’t into the classic red and yellow.

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5 and above

As children grow and their bodies develop it’s important for them to exercise. Older girls will love the Maxi Micro Scooter (ages 6-9) which they can use to travel to school and back to keep fit. Racing is particularly popular too! The Maxi Micro Scooter has an adjustable handlebar so it can grow with the child.

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