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We test all products in the Good Toy Guide with children and have found that the toys suggested in this article are particularly popular with boys. Whilst some are traditional ‘boyish’ choices others are gender neutral or even challenge gender stereotypes.


In the end the right choice will depend on the child you are buying for – after all, whilst the evidence shows that on average boys really do instinctively prefer action/construction toys, much of their preference may be influenced by their experiences and of course many boys do not fit the stereotype.

We encourage you not to jump straight for the ‘boyish’ choice necessarily but to consider a range of options and even whether the right choice of toys may help to overcome gender differences. In the end the best choice is something they will enjoy!

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Christmas Toy Inspiration for Boys

Active toys


Under 5s

It’s a good idea to encourage activity from a young age to promote a healthy lifestyle as children get older. For example the yetiZoo ride-ons (ages 1 1/2-2) is ideal for little ones, with a fun animal shape and storage in the back to carry toys around.

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5 and above

As children grow and their bodies develop it’s important for them to exercise. The Strider 16 Sport Balance Bike (ages 6-9) is ideal for boys who are just learning to ride a bike as they don’t need to pedal, balance and negotiate all at once. We found this was brilliant for building our testers’ confidence in riding a bike and we love that it offers as alternative to a bike that is modern and appealing for older children.

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Toy vehicles


Under 5s

Boys typically love toy cars, trains, boats and planes which are great for encouraging children to move around while playing. It’s really important to get boys playing imaginatively as this helps them develop social and emotional skills and toy vehicles are great for this too. The Twirlywoos Big Red Boat Playset (ages 1-2) is particularly popular with fans of Twirlywoos and as well as being a toy vehicle, inside it also has a space to play with characters and props. The well-known characters can act as a springboard for children’s imaginative play.

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5 and above

Racing is often really popular with boys who love the competitive element and the excitement of winning. The Hot Wheels Vertical Velocity playset (ages 4-7) lets children race two cars against one another by launching them vertically into the air, with a claw at the top of the track that catches the winner.

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Science toys


Under 5s

A preschooler’s fascination with the world around them can be used to nurture an interest in science. Insects can be enthralling to watch and with the Ant World set (ages 4-7) boys can watch ants as they build their home and feed each other and be amazed at the miniature world they build together!

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5 and above

Science kits are becoming increasingly popular and are a great way to bring science to life while supporting a child’s learning at school. The Volcano Making Kit (ages 7-11) shows children how to make an awesome exploding volcano and will also encourage boys to get creative by modelling and painting their own volcano.

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Construction toys


Under 5s

Preschoolers enjoy building with simple blocks and often destroying their models after too! This is brilliant for creativity and learning about cause and effect (i.e. what happens when the blocks are knocked over!). The Mega Ball Run (ages 3-5) lets boys easily create solid ball track structures from magnetic pieces. Our testers loved dropping the balls into the tubes over and over again and watching where they roll out!

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5 and above

Older children may prefer being able to build more intricate designs so need a wider range of construction materials to use. The Bizzy Bitz 350 Pieces set (ages 6-9) has plenty of different pieces that children can use to either follow the instructions included in the box or experiment with creating their own models.

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Puzzles and games


Under 5s

Preschoolers love a good puzzle that requires them to solve problems and develop their logical thinking skills. Dinosaurs tend to be popular with little boys so the Big Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle (ages 3-5) is likely to interest them while encouraging them to practise their logical thinking skills. Boys can also practise their knowledge of dinosaurs by being asked to name all of the dinosaurs in the picture.

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5 and above

Older children have lots of fun playing group games and this is a fabulous opportunity for them to build relationships and practise their communication skills. Robot Turtles (ages 5-8) is a great group game that helps children learn about computer programming, by giving their turtle directions in order to avoid obstacles and collect gems – a little like a board version of a computer game.

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To get some more inspiration for toys visit the Good Toy Guide’s Gift Inspiration Guide, or choose from the ages below. You can also have a look at our stocking filler ideas for toys under £10.

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