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We are living in a digital age and there are an increasing number of tech toys on the market for children.

These toys are great because they can offer a whole new dimension to play, but they don’t come cheap! So when you are buying tech toys, you want to be sure they are worth the price tag.

At the Good Toy Guide we’ve tested and reviewed lots of tech toys, giving you all the information you need to decide if the toy is right for your child so you can buy in confidence. Here are some of our top picks you might want under the Christmas tree this year.

If you are thinking of buying a tablet for a child, have a look at our tablet comparison guide for more information on features – such as parental controls and content – that are key when considering a tablet for a child.

Top Tech Toys for Christmas




Age: 1-7
RRP: £24.95 

There are 3 Tiggly products on the market: Tiggly Shapes, Tiggly Maths and Tiggly Words. Each comes with a set of good quality plastic toys which interact with a number of apps (compatible with Apple and Android devices). The physical toys add so much to the play value, catering for hands-on learners as well as auditory and visual learners. The Tiggly products have remained favourites with our little testers whilst we have watched them learn before our eyes – what more could you ask!


My Friend Freddy Bear

Age: 2-4
RRP: £39.99

Our little testers were amazed by how much this friendly bear knew about them! As well as being a cuddly talking bear, Freddy plays lots of educational puzzles and games with children teaching them colours, numbers and letters as well as encouraging a love of reading by telling them stories.


Hue Animation Studio

Age: 6+
RRP: £49.95

If you have a budding filmmaker at home they will love the Hue Animation Studio which has everything they need to create their own stop motion videos. The HD camera with a built-in microphone has a flexible neck so they can get the perfect shot, and the software lets children easily edit their videos.


Pebli Town

Age: 3-6
RRP: £59.99

Another favourite amongst our testers, Pebli Town successfully incorporates physical play with tablet based games to add something unique and fun!

The play board and characters interact with the tablet app allowing children to have loads of fun telling stories, playing educational games, and creating videos as they move the characters around.



Age: 5+
RRP: £69.95

This cool gadget transforms the physical space in front of the iPad into a digital game board. There are three games to play: Tangram, based on an ancient puzzle game using geometric shapes; Words, a fast competitive spelling game; and Newton, where the player must guide the balls dropping down the screen using real objects or drawing on a piece of paper in front of the iPad.


Real FX Slotless Racing

Age: 6+
RRP: £99.99

This is one of the most realistic racing toys on the market. As there are no slots or lanes players can overtake, switch lanes and power slide. Children can create their own tracks too! We love that Real FX can be played individually by racing against a ‘virtual’ driver at different difficulty levels.


Sphero SPRK Edition Robot

Age: 8+
RRP: £99.95

The beauty of Sphero is how much fun it is, even for children as young as 8, straight out of the box and yet how much more it offers in terms of both fun and educational value, the more you play with it.

Children can learn programming with this very clever little robot as they use the educational SPRK app to drive it around, do all sorts of stunts or just design their own disco lighting! Whilst this is sold as the SPRK addition, the Sphero ball also works with all the other (currently 8) free Sphero apps available on itunes.

If you’d like to know more about Tiggly, Osmo and Sphero, please read the highlights from our ‘Great Tech Toys This Christmas‘ event held at the Apple Store, Covent Garden on Wednesday 25th November 2015.

To get some more inspiration for toys visit the Good Toy Guide’s Gift Inspiration Guide, or choose from the ages below. You can also learn about What your choice of gift says about you or How to Save Money on Presents this Christmas.

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