What does your Christmas present say about you?

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Socks? Again? Thanks Uncle Dave.

It’s the thought that counts, as they say. But what type of present giver are you?


1. Socksnovelty reindeer christmas socks

The classic bad gift. Clothes as gifts suggest you are a practical thinker, although children might be less enthusiastic about receiving something like this. This is also a minefield for getting the wrong size!


2. Money/Vouchers

If you’re really stuck on what to get a child for Christmas, you might choose to give them the freedom to choose their own present. Older children will probably appreciate this independence, plus as children get older, their preferred gifts usually become more expensive so it’s good that they can pool together money and/or vouchers to get something they really want.


3. Something too old for them

Clearly you’re thinking ahead – but if a child struggles with something it can knock their confidence. Aim for something age-appropriate that they will be able to use and enjoy.


4. Something too young for them

Children grow out of things quickly, and something too young will give the impression that you think they are still a baby. So avoid getting a 2-piece jigsaw puzzle for a five year old if you can.


5. Educational toysPrimary Science Lab Recommended by the Good Toy Guide

This suggests you care about their academic progress. There are fun educational toys available (science kits are particularly popular at the moment) that will encourage them to share your enthusiasm for knowledge.


6. Noisy toys

You hate their parents.


7. Messy toys

See number 6.


8. Arts and crafts

Craft sets and art materials suggest you value creativity. It might also show that you are keen to work on an art project together, or to receive something they have made that you can treasure.



9. Board games

Board Games suggest that you want to get to know the child and enjoy some play time with them.



10. Tech toys and computer gamesG-Toy-G-Sphero-R

You are cool and ‘with it’ (if you know how to use the toy. If not, the child will probably figure it out!).



11. Gift experiences

Things like tickets to go to the farm show that you’d love to spend a day out with the child and give them a memory they can keep forever. Children might prefer having something to unwrap, but they will still enjoy a day out with you!


12. Charity donations/sponsors

You want the child to understand the real meaning behind Christmas – giving and caring for those less fortunate. This is a lovely attitude to encourage but make sure you explain where/who the money has gone to.

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