Top Science Toys to Buy this Christmas?

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Contrary to what gender stereotypes might suggest, many science toys appeal to both girls and boys.

Science toys are enjoying a rise in popularity and they make great presents for children of all ages.

With space exploration providing exciting new discoveries, increasing awareness of the environment and weather along with young children’s natural curiosity of creepy crawlies – it’s not difficult to find a science toy that engages a child of any age. Contrary to what gender stereotypes might suggest, many science toys appeal to both girls and boys, so they make great toys for siblings to share and play with together.



Bug Safaris/Habitats

G_Toy_G_LR_Microscope_RThese are a great way of getting children outside and interacting with nature. Young children are fascinated by what they find under a damp stone or old rotten bit of wood. Helping children engage with the natural world is beneficial for their emotional development as it helps relieve anxiety and promote relaxation. It also fosters a respect for the natural world and helps children appreciate that they are part of a big planet that has all sorts of creatures in it. Magnifying glasses and microscopes such as this one from Geo Safari can help children investigate these miniature creatures and their habitats.





Primary Science Lab Recommended by the Good Toy GuideChemistry sets are a fun way for children to make things they can use straight away, like soap, bath bombs and perfume and learn more about the ingredients in every day toiletries. They can also make these as gifts to give other people.

Other chemistry sets can be a fun introduction to science more broadly such as this Primary Science Lab Set which gives children as young as 4 the chance to learn and discover through their own experiments.





Thames and Kosmos The Human Body science KitLearning about the human body can be both fascinating for young minds and helping in encouraging a more healthy lifestyle. Set like the Thames and Kosmos: The Human Body set are a fantastic way to make this learning fun, in this case by experimenting with your 5 senses.


Physics, Astronomy and Engineering

Brainstorm Ltd RC Illuminated Solar SystemFrom space exploration to quantum physics and the origins of dark matter, the mysteries of the universe are there to be unravelled and as we find out more about what is beyond our skies budding young scientists can explore, speculate and investigate these phenomena for themselves. Creating a solar system model in a child’s bedroom can help pique their curiosity and help them understand basic principles of the universe.




Weather and the Environment

Volcano-Making-KitClimate change is such a hot topic of conversation and understanding why the environment is changing and what role weather has to play in our survival will help future generations prepare and hopefully rectify the situation. In the mean time, young scientists can enjoy learning about renewable energy, whether patterns and water cycles and natural phenomena such as volcanoes.


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