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Children just can’t wait for that magical day to arrive, and advent calendars are becoming increasingly innovative! Whilst many advent calendars give a small chocolate or treat each day, if you want to avoid the sugar and give your child a more unique calendar, here are some lovely play-based ideas to inspire you and provide children with a fun way to count down to Santa :

Toy advent calendars

playmobil /calendarWith the Playmobil Advent Calendar your child will uncover a Christmas scene piece by piece – Santa himself even makes an appearance! This gives children not only something to play with over the month, but also a wonderful collection of toys they can get out every year to create a lovely Christmas scene.

Or you could get crafty with the Hama Christmas Time set, which has all the beads and templates needed to make 24 festive designs. Once created, you’ll have some lovely handmade Christmas decorations to cherish.

Wow toys and Lego also have play-based advent calendars that look like fun and there’s always the option to make personalised advent calendars with kits – we liked these from Not on The High Street.

Count Down with Technology

Many children now have the opportunity to use iPads or other tablets at home, and there are selection of advent calendars to choose from with games and animations behind every door.

You could also surprise your child with a new app each morning – there are lots of fun games that help children learn and develop a whole range of skills in our Good App Guide.

Alternative Advent Calendars

There are some brilliantly creative ideas for making a unique calendar too, here are couple of our favourites:

  • Book a day advent calendar – we absolutely love this idea, as books are brilliant for getting children to practice reading and thinking imaginatively, as well as for spending some quality time together. Wrap up twenty four books and number them, one for each night before bed. The cheapest method is to search for second-hand books in charity shops or online; have a look at this list of the 100 best children’s books of all time for some ideas on which books to buy. You could also get a Christmas story book for Christmas eve.
  • Activity advent bucket – a lovely way to enjoy the build up to Christmas as a family. Get 24 pieces of paper and write an activity on each – this could be things like baking gingerbread men, putting up the Christmas tree, making cards and paper chains, or watching a Christmas film. Fold the pieces of paper up so that it’s a surprise, and put them in a bowl/bucket/Santa hat. Every morning, let your child pick out a piece of paper, and do the activity together.


However you decide to countdown to Christmas with your family, make it fun and memorable with toys, apps and a little bit of imagination.

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