Top 10 Lists for Christmas 2015 – Can they be Trusted?

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Good Toy Guide logoLarge brands have the budgets to market their toys to the masses and with their reputation, people may be more inclined to buy into the hype as they’re buying from a tried and tested manufacturer as opposed to a lesser known brand.

We support the efforts of organisations such as the GHI who create their Top 10 lists with the help of children play testing the toys and games to determine which toys should make their top ten.

In comparison, top 10 lists from big toy shops are questionable as many do not reveal their method behind selecting their top 10 lists.


GHI’s decision to reveal their testing procedures for creating their top ten list is something we applaud, as we believe there should be transparency with lists that inform parents of the play value of toys for their child.  This is very much the approach we adopt for testing toy and apps. We strive to provide parents and carers with all the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision when it comes to buying toys for children so they can find products that suit their own children and not just buy the latest fad that their little darling has seen on television. All our research and testing, conducted by children and experts, is compiled in an easy-to-digest summary that breaks down the toy into several bite size chunks.

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Having tested over 1000 toys, we know that the toys on this list aren’t all ‘good toys’ and there’s is a big difference between toys that children will really enjoy, play with and benefit from versus those that are selling well because they are tv advertised, or linked to a popular character.  There are also toys that children absolutely love playing with that haven’t made it onto a top 10 list because of other factors such as poor marketing campaigns, packaging, or simply because the company behind them has invested more in developing a great toy than they have in shouting about it.



If you’re looking for hidden gems that provide hours of entertainment, we think that the following toys are well worth a look this Christmas – you’ll not see them on any top 10 lists this year but they are toys that our testers love and play with over and over again.


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We know that choosing toys for Christmas presents can be challenging and we will provide lots of help for parents, friends and relatives buying presents for children over the festive season. Look out for our guides on choosing different types of toys, stocking fillers and ones that don’t take up too much room for those who spend Christmas away and need to fit presents into suitcases.



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This post was written by Dr Amanda Gummer

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