App Developer of the Month – Fox & Sheep – June 2015

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Congratulations to Fox & Sheep for being our App Developer of the month for June.

Fox & Sheep develops and publishes Kids Apps worldwide. They are a digital publisher who exclusively specialises in developing Apps for children. They work closely together with book authors and illustrators worldwide to bring to life the best Apps for kids out there and help parents guide their children through the digital world.

The Good App Guide have approved a range of their apps already with more being reviewed as we speak:



Nighty Night

“Nighty Night Circus” is the perfect App for a daily go-to-sleep ritual with cute animals, sweet lullaby music and great (British English) narration. It is the follow up to Nighty Night this time focusing on animals settling down to sleep in a circus setting. There are a whole host of interactive features to enjoy before you turn out the lights. Whether you use this at bedtime or any other time or day these are sure to add amusement and turning out the lights we hope will have a calming influence on your youngster.


Petting Zoo

This is a very amusing app that has a series of doodle-like drawings mixed with real life items. Children can simply tap or drag their finger across the screen to see the animations react in all sorts of fun ways. This app is great for all ages – even adults will enjoy it!


Pony Style Box

Pony Style Box is an incredibly fun and creative app to dress-up and style your very own pony in thousands of different ways!

You can choose between 5 different ponies, make crazy haircuts like in a hair salon, dress and saddle them up, take pictures and watch their amazing animations and special effects! Every pony has its own character, dance moves and surprises.

Children can as creative as they like by using different colours, adding accessories, hairspray, stickers, stars, hearts & bridles. Children can also save their ponies in their own gallery.


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