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Mothering Sunday is a day where young and old alike spend time and effort showing appreciation to mums. Children of all ages love to get involved and planning a surprise with them for their mum, step-mother, grandma or another mother figure in their life can be great fun. Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day gifts for children of all ages to have a go at.


You don't need to be an artist to create fun mother's day cards with your childrenNo celebration would be complete without a card to write heartfelt thanks inside. Make her a special card with this lovely Creative Cards Kits set, complete with ideas and all you need to let your child get creative. For personalised gift tags or a beautiful bookmark use this Cool Cardz Design Studio.

For a great gift, why not make some ‘I owe you’ cards so your younger child can promise to ‘tidy my room without a fuss’ or an older one can offer ’20 minutes vacuuming’ for mum to cash in when desired. Tie together with a pretty ribbon for an instant present that really shows they care.

Photo Gifts

Making a personal photo gift for mum will show that you've really put lots of effort into her gift Photos make wonderful keepsake presents and are an ideal way for even the smallest of children to be involved. Some ideas to consider are:

  • Photo Coasters, a present that will be useful too and will bring a smile to her face daily.
  • A Scrapbook collated by older children that can include pictures of younger siblings and allows everyone a chance to offer something. Help them work as a team to pool their talents.
  • This Lego Photo Frame, quirky and fun, it’s a great way to encourage a more reluctant crafter to have a go.

Gifts Made with Love

For mother's day there are lots of alternative presents to flowers.Whilst most mums out there would be happy to receive chocolates and flowers, a gift made with love means that much more, so send mum off for a spot of ‘me time’ and get to work. This Necklace & Bracelet Pippin Kit is a lovely set that teaches children how to make beautiful pieces of jewellery that would make perfect gifts this Mother’s Day. Similarly this Hand and Foot Print Apron is a simple idea that really works to produce a stunning personalised offering. Pair it with a box of cookie or cupcake ingredients and spend an hour of quality family time in the kitchen making memories.

If crafts really aren’t something your child enjoys then consider thinking outside the box and invest in this Finger Puppet Theatre. Let the kids practice their own production with puppets to say thank you for all mum does in a unique way.

However you choose to celebrate the women that make a difference to your child’s life remember to gift them something memorable as thoughtful and heartfelt is better than anything money can buy.

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