Christmas Presents for Kids

November 24, 2014

As the years go by, the amount we spend on our children increases and despite the economic troubles of recent times, this year looks set to be no exception. But are we spending too much on Christmas presents for kids? Are we gifting the toys our children really want or just trying to out-do each other at who can spend the most and have the biggest present pile to show off on social media?

What’s Too Much?

If kids ruled the world their top toys list would be mightily impressive with items such as a real rocket to take them to the moon, a tiger for a pet or their very own rainbow. Too much is a very personal thing, what is over the top for one family might be the tip of the iceberg for another. It comes down to what is affordable for your family and with splashing out on credit cards, catalogues and loans becoming common practise why not do something different, have a more frugal Christmas and spend less of next year paying off debt?

Are Kids Christmas Presents Needed?

In years gone by birthdays and Christmas may have been the only time kids received gifts and learning to save up for an expensive present, perhaps doing extra chores too, was a wonderful lesson in life skills. With presents and impulse buys more mainstream, do we still need Christmas presents for kids or do they already have all they could want?

Kids Christmas Presents, Dolls House, KidcraftThis KidKraft Kayla Dollshouse, this Quadrabyke and this Springfree Trampoline are three amazing toys that, separately, would enrich your child’s life but buying all three together may be too much. Giving a child everything they want may be setting them up for a fall in later life, so treat them but don’t spoil them. It’s all about getting the balance right and using these play ideas with your kids may be worth more than a toy.Spring free trampoline, kids presents, safe trampoline

Showing Off

Keeping up with the Joneses has never been more popular, with social media allowing parents to boast about their children’s development, school successes and of course, the amount spent on Christmas presents for kids. It’s worth looking at why we see the need to keep up with and out-do each other. Guilt plays a big part, with working parents wanting that family Christmas to be perfect as well as parents not wanting to have their child be the odd one out when all their friends are getting the latest gadget from Santa. If you fall into the show-off category, have a think about why you feel the need to do so and what, if anything, you gain from it.

Spending lots of money does not automatically equate to happy children, in fact there are some great toys costing less than five pounds. When buying Christmas presents for kids try and remember the reason you are buying the gift, check out our Good Toy Guide and focus on well-designed toys that will promote family time. Toys don’t last forever but the memories of a quality family Christmas will.


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