What not to buy for Christmas!

November 11, 2014

With the toy market saturated with so much choice it’s often difficult to chose kids Christmas presents that both they, and their parents will love.

As an aunt, uncle or godparent, knowing what makes a good or bad gift can often be hard, so here’s a few tips on what not to buy this Christmas and some kinder alternatives. With a bit of thought you can give gifts that will be appreciated by the parents as well as the children!

Messy Presents for Kids

take-messy-play-outdoorsCreative or messy play is a wonderful experience and one to be encouraged but buying your niece or nephew a toy that can create chaos this Christmas could be a mistake. Please spare a thought for the parent mopping up craft spills while Christmas choas is already in progress. For younger children this aquadoodle mat is a perfect mess-free creative activity. Using only water, children can paint to their heart’s content. For older children, this sidewalk chalk is so much fun! You can encourage the family to go outside and get some much needed fresh air and admire their 3D art! Alternatively, you could stock up on some sensory and messy play ideas and offer to babysit at your home in the new-year instead.

Noisy or Annoying

A pretty obvious one to watch out for when selecting presents for kids. Noisy toys are a wonderful way to bring music to a child’s world, encouraging creativity and improving their sense of rhythm. Consider though how enjoyable you would find listening to their tunes for six hours straight. Toys of this nature are often hidden and brought out for short periods of time. You can search through our whole database of Good Toys by following this link and one of the criteria you can search by is “Batteries not required”, which means no electronic singing!

Assistance Required

Gifting presents that require a lot of adult supervision is not the best idea for Christmas. Children often unwrap a present and want to play with it straight away, which can be a nightmare for mum or dad if they are required to help while they’re trying to cook a turkey. Choose an age -appropriate toy, again using our toy search function and the children will stand a better chance of playing independently with it.

A Little Thought

With a little thought and by putting yourself in the shoes of their family, buying kids Christmas presents that everyone will love and enjoy won’t be too hard. Use our Good Toy Guide to help give your niece, nephew or god-child a toy they can open and play with there and then, without it creating mess, noise or upset if no-one is available to help them play. Then everyone can relax and enjoy the festive season.


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This post was written by Dr Amanda Gummer

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