More Christmas Presents for Boys

November 11, 2014

Whether you have one boy in your life or a whole football team of them to buy for this Christmas, choosing presents for boys can often feel repetitive. With the addition of a few new toys, the selection is often limited to active toys, sporting sets or figures from movie franchises. Why not think a bit differently this year and give your loved ones toys that encourage a different aspect of their development?

Dolls for Boys

doll stevenTraditionally a very girl focussed area, yet boys can learn a lot from playing with dolls too. Acting out being “dad” with a doll is a fantastic learning experience and will help your son or nephew explore a softer side of play by developing their ability to nurture and care for others. Go for a traditional one such as this Doll Steven or branch out and look at these Finger Puppets : Story Sets for added fun with story-telling and a confidence boost through performing them.

Role Play Presents for Boyskitchen

Boys can often play with toys that leave little to their imagination so set them up for some role playing with this Portable Wooden Kitchen Set and allow them to use their minds differently this Christmas. With enough pieces to share with a sibling or cousin, this set is a wonderful introduction to leading their own play. Can they make a menu and take turns to be the waiter? Get involved yourself and order some tasty treats, then sit back and enjoy praising their acting skills!

Dressing up Gifts

swoopercapeFancy dress gifts for boys can be limited to specific characters from films or books and this often fails to inspire them. Take a look at this Swoopercape, a cape, mask and wristbands set that allows your child to create their own superhero! Dressing up presents for boys may not be your first choice but they should be high on your list, allowing them to express their ideas through role play fun. Ask them what planet their super hero is from and if they can teach you some of their home language, you’ll be amazed by what they can use their imagination to create.




Choosing presents for boys that are not obviously targeted at them can feel like you are taking a risk, however make use of our Good Toy Guide, where you can narrow down the choices by age, price, and the skill you wish to help them develop. You will be pleased you made the effort to avoid the more traditional boy toys as your child will grow and develop new skills this Christmas.


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