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November 10, 2014

The pressure on aunts, uncles and godparents to buy great presents for kids can be huge and it’s important to put some thought into your gift.

Parents and children can tell when a present has been chosen with love, so read on to find out what makes a wise choice. Make this year the one where you get it right and your nieces, nephews or godchildren will be raving about your gift for months to come.

Family FunFiesta Crafts Carry Case Finger Puppet Theatre

Christmas is a time for families to enjoy spending quality time together so choosing presents that bring everyone together is a great idea. This Finger Puppet Theatre encourages story-telling, and putting on a show will help children improve memory, gain confidence through the performance and learn that sharing adds to the fun.

It packs away into itself and becomes a handy carry case, parents will be grateful for the lack of tidying required of them after play! For variety, these Animal Finger Puppets also make a good choice and will provide hours of fun for little hands.

Learning Through Play

Toys that encourage children to learn through play are always welcomed into the home as they make a positive contribution to a child’s development. Choosing presents for kids that help develop a skill are guaranteed to be a hit with parents. This John Lewis Skittles set ticks all the boxes. Not only does it help children to develop their hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills when taking aim but it allows counting practise through keeping score too. A great toy that is not just for Christmas and will carry them through into spring and outdoor fun.

Quiet Presents for Kids

Rory's Story CubesWith Christmas for many being a busy time with plenty of visitors, children can sometimes become overwhelmed, overstimulated or overtired. Choosing a gift that encourages a child to spend time being quiet and to recharge their batteries is often overlooked but is definitely worth considering. Rory’s Story Cubes – Voyages allows players to invent a story based on the rolling of nine cubes. It builds their imagination and can help to increase a child’s vocabulary. A lovely alternative to a bedtime story book, this is one toy that parents will truly appreciate their kids receiving.


Whether you are buying Christmas presents for kids you know well, or ones you see less often, you are sure to find the perfect toy when you browse our Good Toy Guide. Choose toys that will enhance their development and that parents will be happy for them to receive and you will deserve the title of top aunt, uncle or godparent this year.


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This post was written by Dr Amanda Gummer

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