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At Fundamentally Children we are passionate about books and their importance in child development. One of the most important things a parent can do with a child is read to them for 20 minutes every day.

This helps to develop a wide variety of skills including:

  • Language skills, from helping young children learn to talk and read, through to continually expanding the vocabulary of older children
  • Encouraging children’s creativity and imagination
  • Developing their knowledge of the subjects included in the book
  • Providing an opportunity to discuss difficult subjects to support many areas of development – from starting school to potty training and giving up dummies!
  • Strengthening relationships between parent and child through a regular activity (i.e. a bedtime story) where the child gets their parents full attention
  • Improving a child’s attention span
  • Developing memory skills – do you know any pre-schoolers who could fool relatives into thinking they can read because they’ve memorised the contents of their favourite books?
  • Preparing children to some degree for the reading required throughout their schooling

It also fosters a love of reading that will provide lifelong enjoyment!

Reading can be a challenge for some children, such as those with dyslexia. Our App and Technology Expert Lucy Gill, who is dyslexic herself, explains:

“I remember finding reading so hard as a child, the words often seemed to swim across the page, I used to prefer making up stories to go with the pictures than actually reading the words! If you’d told me in those days that reading would become one of my favourite past-times I would never have believed you.  It really was worth all the hard work, there are few things I enjoy more now than settling down with a good book – even if I read it very slowly!”

Lucy helped found the Good App Guide, where we have reviewed a number of interactive books.  Whilst we would not recommend reading alone on a tablet as a substitute for reading a physical book with a parent, interactive books can still help develop many of the areas above as an additional activity.

Here are some of our favourites:

me-books-4 Me Books: a children’s book store available on Apple and Android devices, providing the ability to record your own version of a story as well as providing great British English narration, interactive features, read to me and read by myself features for a variety of books
photo-120-700x525 Nosy Crow: developer of range of interactive books with great interactive features and in some cases extra games alongside British English narration and read along functionality. These include the Good App Guide featured Three Little Pigs, Flip Flap Farm and Bizzy Bear.
G_app_G_Story_Toys_A-220x200 StoryToys: creator of 3D interactive stories, including Good App Guide featured Goodnight Mo, My Very Hungry Caterpillar and Grimm’s Rapunzel.





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