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With Andy Murray’s success at Wimbledon 2013, many parents may be wondering what it takes to make a champion.

Talent? perseverance? supportive parents? If only it was that simple!! There’s no one recipe for producing champions, but there are a few things that are worth considering.

What do you want for your child? Success of the type that Andy Murray has achieved is rare and comes with considerable sacrifice. Success can be defined in a number of ways and it’s important to start with a desire for your children to be happy and healthy – if this is not the number 1 priority, the chances of success in any other field are low. If your children grow up into happy, healthy, socially responsible adults, then they are successful and this should not be undervalued.

However, there are many parents whose children show potential in an activity, and parents can feel unsure as to how best to support them.

The first thing to consider is whose dream is it?  If having successful children is based on a parent’s unfulfilled childhood dream, then stop right there! There is a risk of destroying the relationship you have with your children. Children thrive when they are allowed to be their own person and parents who try to use their children to justify their own existence are asking for trouble and rebellion – you only have to look at the infamous Tiger Mother, Amy Chua to see how pushy parenting and lack of understanding of children’s own talents, ambitions and dreams can backfire massively.

Play is a fantastic, stress-free way of motivating children to develop some important skills that will help them make the most of the talents they have. Jigsaw puzzles and construction toys promote perseverance and are motivating as children gain satisfaction when they complete them. Games that are played with others can promote cooperation and team spirit, and those that are competitive help children learn to deal with losing and winning.

Supportive parents who give their children access to a wide range of activities and encourage skills such as perseverance, and a can-do attitude are likely to give their children the best chance of success in whatever they do.


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This post was written by Dr Amanda Gummer

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