Fun4All | Making Play Accessible to All

Our Fun4All campaign is a drive to make play accessible for all children, especially those with additional needs.

Play can be a great leveller and for children who find certain aspects of daily life challenging, being able to play with friends promotes confidence, builds social skills and empowers children.


What is Fun 4 All? 


“If you never did you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” (Dr. Seuss) 

Play is a wonderful way to break down barriers; because anyone can play. Fun 4 All aims to promote what a child can do, rather than what they can't. A child in a wheelchair can get involved in arts and crafts, the whole family can join in with a good board game, and a child who can't afford lots of toys can have fun at the playground.

It's all part of our bigger vision to help create a world where children are able to fulfil their potential and develop - during a safe, happy and playful childhood - the skills they need to thrive throughout their lives. 



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There’s a two-pronged approach to our campaign


First, we’re after toys that help children overcome difficulties.  These don’t need to be specially designed therapeutic toys, but they help children develop skills to empower them and overcome challenges they face.  Whether it’s role play helping shy children gain confidence or play-doh or plasticine strengthening hand muscles after an injury, many toys can be used therapeutically.

Second,  because we recognise that all children are individuals and have their own strengths and challenges we are keen to move away from the idea of trying to ‘fix’ children.  Instead we want to give them the opportunity to develop naturally, at their own pace and be able to fulfil their potential.

This is especially important for children with physical disabilities and neurological conditions that negatively impact on their ability to join in with general play activities.  However, a child in a wheelchair can play a board game just as well as any other child and, for the length of the game, he/she is just another kid enjoying playing with their friends.  Being able to give children the freedom to enjoy their childhood and where possible minimise the impact of any disability is surely the ultimate goal of play and toys. 


How to get involved?


  • Follow us on Twitter – search for #fun4all for accessible play ideas.
  • Look out for our spotlight on features which will be highlighting different aspects of play and discussing how they can be made Fun4All!
  • Recommend play ideas and toys that are accessible by children with additional needs.
  • Talk to your local school and children’s centre and council about ways to make play more accessible
  • Tell your friends about the Fun4All campaign
  • Contact us to discuss how to make the campaign as effective as possible



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